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The Campaigner Issue 4

090613-TCMIssue04 For those interested, The Campaigner Issue 4 was released today. This is the largest issue yet, and I am really happy with how it came out. A nice mix of interviews and educational features. I hope I haven’t hit my stride really, really early.

Slight warrior progress

This is more of an update post than anything, though some painting will appear in just a moment.

I have been hard at work putting together issue 4 of The Campaigner. I am especially eager for this to be something special, as it is the issue I will be hauling along with me to PAX Australia. It is really coming together nicely, and at 44 pages is the longest issue yet.


With that said, I pulled a half hour out of my schedule this weekend to make some slight progress with the Warhammer Quest miniatures. With the Wardancer, Pit Fighter and Witch Hunter undercoated black I applied a Bestial Brown first coat, as well as a grey to the base. At the moment I am still sorting the colours out in my head, especially with the Wardancer. It will be a challenge making him fit the dark red primary colour theme I have been utilising, while still having him look like a Wood Elf. However, I am looking forward to the challenge.

The Campaigner Issue 3


Today Issue 3 of The Campaigner was released.

090313-Cvr-Issue03 I am really happy with how this has turned out. In my past experiences the third and fourth issues have always been the hardest to produce. That Issue 3 came together quite smoothly is hopefully a good sign. I will let you know whether that is true or not when Issue 4 comes out!

The Campaigner Issue 1

See, I wasn’t making stuff up. Issue 1 of The Campaigner came out today. This inaugural issue can be bought from MagCloud, but is also available there as a free download. I am too good to you people.

So in the very least, get on there and read the free digital version. If you like it, buy a copy. There will be no markup on the first two issues, to keep it as cheap as possible. Making this an excellent time to get in and see what this publication is all about.

You can keep up to date with other developments on The Campaigner website.

Next top model?

More in-depth explanation on The Campaigner website, but I met with a photographer yesterday and got the submissions for the Creative Challenge photographed. It was interesting to see the process of how he lit the different pieces, looked for interesting parts of them. Quite an experience.


The Campaigner website launched

It put up a fight, but I wrestled it into submission.

The Campaigner website is now officially launched.

Now all I have to do is, you know, make an actual magazine.

The Campaigner

My little project that has kept me away has progressed into its next phase. This means I have something to show you!

Yes, as if putting together a webzine wasn’t enough, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and start production on a fully fledged print publication. So far I have cleared the first couple of hurdles. Those being, deciding to embark on this foolish endeavour, and then setting up the ground work to build on.

This has meant finding a printing and distribution system, deciding on a name, registering URLs, securing web space and a host of other fun little setup jobs. But things are progressing now.

The interim website is up, while the fully fledged site is in development. You can get onto there and read a little about what The Campaigner is going to be about, and what it hopes to accomplish.

Don’t be worried, though. This in no way means the end of Inane Courage. The content blackout may continue for a short while longer, while I get The Campaigner up and running. But I assure you, I will be back with the usual dubious quality content.