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Lead from the back


What a hectic three days. Friday was full of sitting around and talking about myself, while Saturday was full of sitting around in a waiting room and waiting for a baby to be born.

I did manage to squeeze in some quality time with the Skaven today, though. The Chieftain is almost finished. His gun needs a little more highlighting, and I want to do another layer of highlights on his back banner. But otherwise he is all ready to go.


The Warlock Engineer has come out really well. He has a lot of metal on him, but I think it is all working out okay. The twisted wires also look particularly good.

For both the characters I included a bit more Emerald Green that I have on the previous rank and file troops. I want the characters to stand out, but not so much that they appear out of place. Some bold and apparent sections of green have helped to achieve this.

I like the green left shoulder guard concept, and I think I will continue it on to the troops as well. The Clanrats, Stormvermin and Plague Monks/Mechanics will all have similar shoulder guards, so I think this will work fine.

The next completely finished concept model is the Jezzail Team, so I will start work on them next. I also have the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader and the Plague Monks/Mechanics to finalise. Hopefully some time after work will present itself this week to make some progress on those.

Those in charge step forward


Work has started on the Chieftain and the Warlock Engineer. At the moment I have just done the Bestial Brown base along with a layer of Elf Flesh.

The overall colour scheme will be pretty much the same as the weapon teams and the Globadier, though I do intend to introduce a bit more green to the characters. For instance, I think the back banner of the Chieftain will have a large green clan logo, and possibly one of the shoulder guards of his armour will be green. The Warlock Engineer I am not so sure about. I was thinking the plate in the centre of his chest could be green, with a reversed clan logo. I think green should also be worked into the Warp Blades too.

Basically the intention is to use some smatterings of string colour to make the characters pop out from the surrounding horde.




Speaking of which, the surrounding horde!

I still have to glue the piping onto the Warpfire Thrower and Ratling Gun, but apart from this I am pretty happy with how they have turned out. In fact, I am especially happy with the paint job on the Warpfire Thrower device itself.

Now I have to track down some suitable arms to put onto the Mechanics (Plague Monks). I want them to be carrying something akin to tools of the trade, so hammer seem the best way to go. I’m pretty sure the Empire Knightly Orders boxed set comes with some armoured right arms with hammers, for the Knights of the White Wolf. I’m going to have to see if they have any spare at Gamers Guild. Otherwise, I’ll have to sort something else out.

Any suggestions as to good man sized right arms that could be considered to be carrying ‘trade tools’ as weapons?

Queens birthday



The Queens Birthday holiday here today, so I celebrated by basing some of my test Skaven and undercoating them. I’ll start work on them tomorrow, hopefully.

I’m in charge



Stuck the Engineer together today. Changed him around a little, gave him a head from the plastic Plague Monk box rather than a Clanrat head. Also changed his power source from a chunk of warpstone/Bretonnian brazier to a diode from an old computer. I started to detail the staff and the power source a little using bits of plasticard. I’ll probably cut some slivers from some plasticard rod and use these to make dials and nobs and stuff.


I also put together the Chieftain. He hasn’t changed any from when I initially put together the test miniature, but I like him a lot. The pose is very dynamic and interesting, and he certainly looks like someone in charge. Once he is painted I’ll also add on a shield attached to his left gun arm.

Work was done on the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader too. The lifting arms have been inverted, being raised over it rather than drooping in front of it. Some kind of bracing beams are needed on the arms, but the design of them is decided.

New episode of Podhammer is out too. They mainly talk about the Combat phase, and it’s an interesting listen. Old hats of the game will be only too familiar with most of it, but it’s nice to hear someone say it out loud. Makes it all real somehow.