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Irregular Magazine: Issue 10

As the post title might give away, Irregular Magazine Issue 10 came out the other day.

The production quality is up from last issue, which is good to see. I can forgive the occasional slip, but if it had started to become a regular thing then that is when I begin to break out the critiquing stick.

Not really much in this issue for Warhammer players, nor modellers or painters in general. There is an interesting article on Fighting Fantasy, though. Especially fortuitous, as Fighting Fantasy has come up in the research for one of the article I am working on for Skavenblight Gazette. Plus, I had almost totally forgotten about the book ‘Out of the Pit’. This book single-handedly put fantasy onto my interest radar, and it is just an index of monsters!

While the issue may not contain much relevant information to our kind, it is still worth downloading. These kinds of quality productions need to be supported.


Irregular Magazine Issue 7

Yet another webzine release. It must be that time for them. This time we have Irregular Magazine, Issue 7. Can you believe it is already at issue 7, especially since it was in mid 2009 that the first issue hit?

This issue is a comfortable 92 pages, with lots of the regular features and articles. There are the usual painting and modelling pieces, stories, and setting articles for a variety of game systems. Theres even an interview with the old friend of Skavenblight Gazette, Alessio Cavatore.

Of particular note is an article titled ‘Chaos Trees’. It details how to construct some truly bizarre and wonderful trees that will repulse and confound. Excellent stuff, and one of the most ingenious pieces of modelling advice I have even encountered.

As usual, the articles are well written and edited. Though the layout design has started to plateau bit. While some of the pages are really interesting and fun to read, most seem to be a bit lacklustre. Or in a couple of cases, a bit confusing. Which is a shame.Especially when they have some really awesome artwork at their disposal.

Overall though it is a good issue. You are bound to find a couple of articles of interest that you can use to develop your own hobby projects.

Irregular Magazine: Issue 4 & The Bellower: Issue 2

Not a massive, pull no punches review as normal. More a friendly heads up.

Issue 4 of Irregular Magazine came out not long ago. I am still making my way through it, but if previous issues are anything to go by, this issue is well worth a look.

While you are at it, go check out The Bellower issue 2. This came out a while back, but the opportunity to push it never really came up. Now seems like a good time. Download now, thinling!