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The blogger that sold out

Some additions to the blog. The above picture will take you to close up shots of the Skaven Tower. This is part of the new Showcase area, which you can get to using the top navigation buttons. Just click on the word that says Showcase. It isn’t really that hard. Snotlings could do it.

I’ll progressively add close up pictures of the rest of my armies, as well as links to the relevant posts on how they were painted or converted. Hopefully this will be helpful to beginners and veterans alike, who can glean some wisdom from my various disasters and poor ideas.

Also of note is the conspicuous and evil Donate button in the right hand sidebar. I have mixed feelings about this whole donate thing, but I am willing to pop it up there and give it a shot. The aim isn’t to demand money, or charge for content, or anything like that. If anything, it is a promise that I will be trying to add more to this blog, things like the Showcase, that allow for the readership to easily get something informative and relevant to them.

The hope is that really good quality content will cause you, the readers, to say “Ok, I found that useful. Heres a dollar.” or “That is a great idea, have twenty dollars”. I’m not fussed about the amounts. It’s a bit of quid pro quo. Extra cash that can go back into creating more relevant content. A self-perpetuating cycle. Hopefully.

So yeah, if that is selling out, I sold out. But I thought about this for a while, and I am convinced it is an appropriate thing to do. I spend a lot of time on this blog, not just putting together my armies, but reviewing webzines and generally critiquing the Warhammer community at large. So think of me as some kind of Warhammer internet busker, accepting your loose change in my upturned paint palette.

Please be nice.



I should also mention, the Donate buttons is linked to my Paypal account. So obviously, you need to have a Paypal account to contribute. That seems like important information I left out.

The One Tower

Finished up the tower today. I’ll take some closer shots when I get a chance.

I also did a base layer of Bestial Brown on my spear wielding Clanrats. Tomorrow I have more time off work, so I might be able to get some of the base colours onto them.

Rivets, rocks and Rhizocarpon geographicum

Attached struts to the canister thing today. Only vertical ones at the moment, but once these have dried a couple of horizontal ones will be added. I also cut rivets from some plasticard rod and glued them on.

I also glued some basing stones to the bottom, and once this is dry I can go and fill in the parts I missed. You will also notice on the right hand side of the picture there is some brown material going up the side of the tower. This is a finer basing material that I have applied to sections of the tower to try to create a moss effect. No tests were done, I just glued it all on in a whim. The proof will be in the painting.

And some shots of the other sides.

Meeting saftey standards

Used string to create rope lashings on the tower today. It looks a little messy at the moment, but once the glue dries and I trim the excess off it should be a little neater.

I also started working on adding some details to the step area.

Just add mortar

Filled in all the gaps in the tower today. Once the Milliput is dry I can go back and sand them down a bit. The hope is that this will help them blend in a lot more once it is undercoated.

Work started on one of the devices that is going to be attached to the tower. I am using a polystyrene ball as the base, along with a couple of thin strips of card cut from a cereal box.

One piece of card was measured to go all around the middle of the ball, while the other was cut at half that length. I then used PVA glue to glue them both on. A push-pin has been used to hold the card on while it dries. Once this is done, I will have to give the sphere a coat of PVA glue. Otherwise the foam will dissolve then I spray basecoat the model.