Wasteland diorama completed

Onto the painting of the Beastman and Greatsword today. Not the most clean, masterful job I have ever done, but I liked some of the effects I got by working with a white undercoat.


Firstly I put on watered down layers of black, bone and khaki. These were left to dry, and then another layer was put on top to strengthen the colour. I really liked how the black came out. It has a nice soft quality to it, rather than the usual hard black sheen that undiluted black usually produces.


Then a collection of subsequent colours were added. Originally I had planned to paint the Greatsword entiely metal, but the black looked so interesting I decided to keep the main elements black and choose a few segments to pick out in metallics.


Once I had all the colours on I gave both models a black wash.


I then picked out highlights in the original pre-washed colours, as well as another level of highlights with some white added. For the Beastman I wanted rusted weapons and armour, but decided to approach it differently to how I normally paint rust. I dabbed Bestial Brown onto the metal areas, followed by another dabbing of Scab Red. I then dabbed Chainmail back over the top to break up the rust and make it look more dispersed.

Overall I am quite pleased with how this turned out. As I mentioned earlier, the painting isn’t fantastic, but I am interested now in exploring some more with white undercoats and diluted paints. I am also really pleased with the rust effect, which seems like such a minor triumph, but having a number of techniques to achieve a certain result is always a benefit. Also, the diorama base itself came out great, a lot better than I had hoped. Certainly, I am excited to tackle another diorama quite soon.

290913-wastelanddiorama04 290913-wastelanddiorama03

290913-wastelanddiorama02 290913-wastelanddiorama01


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