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Time for the rats to leave their mothers

…and by mothers I mean the painting table.

I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out and I have learnt a lot about quick painting techniques along the way. It’s just a pity that so much got in between me and getting the little furries finished off. Well they aren’t completely finished… I haven’t got around to the bases yet, mainly because I have absolutely no basing materials yet. I intend to paint a few more things and then organise basing everything in one big group.

I definitely like the ones that I initially painted in darker colours better. The ones I did with the lighter cloth turned out having less depth, so I’ll definitely have to build up from black or something next time.

What’s next on the table? I’m not sure at the moment, but I am feeling the pull to get back into Warmachine / Hordes. There aren’t too many FB players left over here at the moment and WM/H wins over 40K for me. Maybe I’ll be back to post my reasons soon.

Anyway, on to the pictures:



More warriors ready for an adventure


In spite of having a cold, I mustered up the energy and will to finish off the three warriors. After some consideration, I decided to attempt a different skin colour scheme on the Pit Fighter. It is achieved with a mix of Dheneb Stone, grey, black and Elf Flesh. Though in what amounts, I cannot say. I just added colours and mixed it around until I achieved the desired colour.

We three

Almost finished putting together issue 4 of The Campaigner. And slightly ahead of schedule too!

Celebrated by making some progress on the three warriors I have been working on.


This is the first basic layers applied. Khemri Brown on first, most of it going onto the Wardancer. Then mixed black with a little grey and applied this to the Witch Hunter. Finally a thin layer of Elf Flesh onto all the skin areas.


Once those were dry, I could apply the next level of base colours. Firstly, another layer of Elf Flesh, to flatten out the tone. This was followed by Mithril Silver onto all the metal areas. Scab Red followed, picking out a few choice areas. Finally, I applied a layer of Dheneb Stone to areas I intend painting quite light colours, like the Wardancers hair.

That should be all the base colour painting done. Next I can move onto washes and highlights.

Slight warrior progress

This is more of an update post than anything, though some painting will appear in just a moment.

I have been hard at work putting together issue 4 of The Campaigner. I am especially eager for this to be something special, as it is the issue I will be hauling along with me to PAX Australia. It is really coming together nicely, and at 44 pages is the longest issue yet.


With that said, I pulled a half hour out of my schedule this weekend to make some slight progress with the Warhammer Quest miniatures. With the Wardancer, Pit Fighter and Witch Hunter undercoated black I applied a Bestial Brown first coat, as well as a grey to the base. At the moment I am still sorting the colours out in my head, especially with the Wardancer. It will be a challenge making him fit the dark red primary colour theme I have been utilising, while still having him look like a Wood Elf. However, I am looking forward to the challenge.

For the ancestors


Sat down and painted the Warhammer Quest Dwarf today. Took me three hours at the most, which is actually quite quick. But it all just came together really well. To be honest, I think the large areas of metal helped a bit.


With the other three Adventurers already painted, the groups actually looks quite impressive together. They all look really individual, but their unified colour scheme just ties them all together perfectly. I am now really excited to take these guys for a spin some time.


Quick goblins

If I ever need to prove my speed painting credentials, I think goblins are my choice of model.


I started the goblin archers today. It took me about only an hour to get all the base colours on.


And then about another hour to Bedab Black wash them and highlight them all.

As with the goblin spearmen, the black cloaks are a mix of black and brown highlighted with a mix of black and grey, to give them some tone.

All that is left with the current miniatures is the Dwarf adventurer. Then I have to sort out 12 Snotlings and 12 Giant Spiders.

Corridor Clanrats completed


Managed to find a couple of hours both Saturday and Sunday and finished the Warhammer Quest Clanrats off. Again, I am really pleased with how individual they look, but also how cohesive they are to not only each other, but the entire miniature set for Warhammer Quest as a whole. There are eight Clanrats sporting shields, not only Skaven but Chaos, Bretonnian and Empire as well.

For the record, the Clanrat with the horse skull on his back is also holding his Empire shield upside down. He might look important, but is obviously not the most observant of the crew.

Putting these guys together has given me an idea for a Skaven background piece. It would deal with how Clanrats like this exist in a quite small dungeon area with a host of other monsters and survive more than a day. Another project to add to the pile!

No bull


Finished off the rest of the Minotaurs today. The red cloth sections, wood, metal and bone are basically the same as on the rest of the other models. I couldn’t, however, use the same cloth colours as on the other models, as this was already too close to the Minotaurs skin colour. So I used a lighter brown set, with Khemri Brown as the base and Dheneb Stone as the highlight colour. I also watered down some Blood Red and lightly washed this over parts of the weapons, the ends of the horns and the knuckles of the fists.

Since the lighting was so nice, I also took a picture of how the Warhammer Quest miniatures are shaping up.


The Three Adventurteers


Spent any spare time I had during these Christmas holidays on two projects. One was the continued painting of my Warhammer Quest miniatures. I decided to treat myself and take a stab at the three adventurers.

Much like the monsters I have used Scab Red as a primary colour, accompanied by silver and Khemri Brown. I am really happy with how they have turned out, especially since I was a little concerned the colour palette wouldn’t work across all three without a bit more variation. However, I think the different material each is wearing (primarily flesh on the barbarian, primarily metal on the elf and primarily the cloak on the wizard) helps to give each model a distinct look while still operating as part of a visual set.

If I have time to fix one thing, I would like to go back and try the elfs eyes again. As it is they are quite neat, but they look a little like he is having some kind of intense staring match with an invisible opponent.

Finishing those orc archers


Not the best weather for painting today, but I muscled through it to get the Orc Archers finished. Next up, three Minotaurs.