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Waving the flag

Starting to put the finishing touches onto the Doomflayer now. Added the wires today, and used green stuff to fill in a few unsightly holes.

I also prepared the base, which you can see in the top left hand corner there. Hopefully it will dry by tomorrow and I can stick the Doomflayer on. Not that I can spray it yet. I need to wait for the green stuff to set.

So I decided to make a start on my Battle Standard Bearer. I have been ‘umm-ing and ahh-ing’ over how to do this, and today it sort of came to me. So I am going to use one of the spare metal Warlock Engineers I have as the base for the conversion. For his right arm I will build him a Battle Standard, using one of the new Clanrat arms as a starting point.

First job was to prepare the arm. I started by cutting away the spear as close to the fist as possible. Then I drilled out the hand, as seen above.

At the moment this is as far as I have progressed. I wasnt to do something impressive with the banner, so I don’t think the regular plasticard rod I use in these circumstances will do. During the week I’m going to have to go and pick up some brass rod. This should be much sturdier, and able to support a lot more weight.

How best to flay that doom

No excuses, lets just get straight into it.

I managed to slip in some time to finish painting my Packmaster today. Detailed his teeth and eyes, and attached his book.  Now he is ready to lead the Rat Ogres/Heavy Loaders to certain victory!

I was considering starting to paint my Jezzails, but felt more in the mood for modelling than painting. So I have started on my Doomflayer. Here we have the initial pieces, a Killa Kan front, back and hatch.

I started by slicing the Killa Kan front just bellow the central brace. The top part became the front of the Doomflayer. I them sliced the subsequent lower half into half again. The very bottom section has become the rear of the Doomflayer. The hatch was attached to the top, while plasticard was used to create the sides.

The body needs to bulk a bit, so I used a round slottabase cut in half to raise the front. The remaining piece cut from the Killa Kan front was used on the back of the Doomflayer. I cut away the orkish jaw protrusion, and will fill that in later.

It should be noted now, I have no plan for how this model will be created or look. I am just taking bits that fit and bashing something together. So far it seems to be developing nicely. It even has a slight train feel about it, which is nice.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, so hopefully I manage to work on this some more.