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Game on

Not much of an update today, but something interesting none-the-less.

Today was quite stormy, fully five separate thunder storms. One was even so close it shook the house so much the windows sounded like they would break. So I didn’t get to spend as much time on The Campaigner as I would have liked, what with electronics and massive electrical storms not getting along if they meed.

So instead I worked on my first game ruleset.

As part of Movember, The Battle-tash Brigade is going to run a game as a fundraiser. However, we don’t want to be tied to any particular game, and want the event to mirror Movember itself somewhat. So I am writing up a quick set of rules for a racing game, at the moment called Racing Mochines.

It is only in the initial version at the moment. I have given this first draft to a couple of people to have a look at and provide some feedback and ideas. In the meantime I will run the rules through a couple of games and see what jumps out at me that needs attention. Once the rules are a little more stable I’ll post them up and you can all pick them apart, and point out how stupidly broken they are.

The Battle-tash Brigade goes international

I have talked to the people who run Movember, and received this response.

Unfortunately all team members must be from the same country. Due to the structure of team donations, where you are able to make a donation to a team as a whole or split up your donation between each team member, it is not possible to split up a team donation into multiple currencies, or between the different health partners we have around the world.

Depending on how many international participants you think would be interested, if the numbers are sufficient we could set up a Network for you which would allow teams from different countries to be linked under one umbrella.

While I figured that the currency differences would make having a single team an issue, they have offered to link everyone into a single network. If there is enough interest.

So now is the time to decide. Are you interested in joining with your fellow wargamer and hobbyist Mo Bro’s and Mo Sistas to raise money for mens health?

Leave a comment if you are interested, and I will get back to the Movember organisers with the numbers.

Movember: The Battle-tash Brigade

Movember is one of my favourite charities. Probably because it has its own style, and doesn’t ram its message down your throat. Men’s health is an important issue, and is sometimes overlooked in the mainstream. Which does seem rather odd, given that quite a large portion of the population are male.

This year I am, again, participating in Movember. However, I am inviting my wargame and hobby brethren to join in with me. I have started the team The Battle-tash Brigade which you can join when you register. At the moment it looks like the team is for Australians only. I am looking into if there is an option to make a team international. Otherwise, it may be that the Battle-tash Brigade will have to establish international chapters.

We wargamers and hobbyists are quite a large collection of people, but we don’t often enough band together and put our weight behind something positive. But it can start here.

Spread the word.