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Gutter group

Worked on the Gutter Runners again today. While the pathetic photo doesn’t show it very well, all the highlighting and detailing is done. All that is left is adding rust. Oh, and painting the torch. I haven’t really painted flames on anything before, so I am leaving this as its own little project.

Back at it

Back onto the painting wagon this weekend. Applied the basic base colours to the Gutter Runners. Looking forward to getting in and detailing them.

Runner Rogre

Based the Gutter Runners today. Now I am just waiting for them to dry, then I can basecoat them and begin the painting stage.

While I am waiting I decided to start on the next Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader. I cut the side panels, leg sections and feet from one of the Killa Kan sprues.

I cleaned up all the pieces, including one of the engines I cut off. Then I glued the legs and engine together.

With the engine dry enough to handle, I glued it to the two side panels. They wouldn’t fit together exactly, and I had to trim a couple of the details off of the corner of the engine.

Again, with the engine and side panels dry enough to handle, I glued the legs on. I did a dry run with the feet position before I glued those on too. It is standing on the base in the photo, but isn’t actually glued on yet. It it there to give me an idea of where it will be placed on the base.

Furred for thought

This weekends progress in Warhammer.

Greenstuffed fur onto the bodies of the Gutter Runners. While a fairly simple task, it took quite a while. Probably because I did it in stages, the rear most section going forward up towards the head, placing and sculpting small rectangles at a time. This was done in an effort to make sure the fur had a proper overlapping feel.

While I was at it, I also sculpted the bottoms of the pick axes, as well as fill a couple of obvious joins.

When the greenstuff was dry enough to handle, I proceeded to glue the models to their bases. Rather than glue and hope, I placed all the bases down in the configuration above, so that I could make sure that the skirmish formation was going to work out. Once they are dry I can apply some basing material, and move onto the painting stage.

Go go Gutter Runners

If you remember, I made the pickaxe head from scratch with my original test miniature. While this looked great, it just seemed too labour intensive, especially when faced with making multiples.

Instead, I popped down to Model Mania and picked up some square plasticard rods. These I cut into blocks, drilled out one side, and glued to the ends of the shafts. Then I used sections of left over Clanrat spears to create the pickaxe blades.

Three Gutter Runners with arms attached. I am thinking ahead a little, and the two on the left are designed to be a musician and standard bearer respectively. This is just in case I decide to swap this Gutter Runner design out to be the Night Runners later on.

The next three, with a slight variation on the ‘standard’ weapons the Gutter Runners will wield. I am particularly happy with how the gunslinger Gutter Runner is looking.

And these would be the ‘standard’ ones.

After the arms had dried, I attached the tails and gear. They carry an assortment of pouches, spare guns and blades, scrolls and food. Everything you need when you are slinking about underground with nine of your closest enemies.

Pistols and pickaxes

More Gutter Runner conversion madness!

Cut the head attachments off of nine heads, right behind the ears. Tried to keep them as straight across the head as possible, so that they are looking forward when glued to the body.

With the cut down heads glued to the bodies and drying.

Cut eight right arms off of the Ghoul sprue. Some will be holding pickaxes, some pistols.

This is the ninth arm. This Gutter Runner will be reaching for his pistol, like some cowboy from a Western.

Cut down and drilled out four of the arms.

Inserted lengths of brass rod into the hands I drilled out. Another arm I cut the hand off of and glued on a claw weapon from the Clanrats sprue. The rest I cut the hands from just past the wrist and glued on pistol hands.

I also made a start on the left arms, going through a similar process as I did with the rights.

Clean the gutters

With my experimental Gutter Runner going so well I have started to work on the rest. So here are the Ghoul legs and bodies cut from their sprues and cleaned up.

I have to prepare as much of the model before hand as I can, so that I don’t snap anything off or distort the sculpted parts I plan on doing. So here are some of the torsos.

And then I slice off the bulbous head attachments so that the Skaven heads will fit cleanly.

With all the head attachments cut down, I glue the legs and torsos together. I have also cut off some of the more obvious Ghoulish parts of the bodies, like the extra long back hair, skeleton head, and other parts. The rest of the odd details should be able to be incorporated into the Gutter Runner models somehow.

First thing to do, sculpt pants onto the bodies. Thin squares of greenstuff was used to construct the pants, laying down small patches at a time and pushing in folds and tears. Then a piece of greenstuff was rolled into a string-like shape and cut into bits. This was wrapped around their waists, creating a belt.

The Gutter Runners are well on their way!

Fruits of productivity

Another productive day. Finished off the Clanrats with spears by highlighting the fur, wood and cloth. Added rust using Flesh Wash, then I painted in the teeth and eyes. I and added in a couple of skaven runes for good measure.

I also finished off the Gutter Runner, using a similar sequence to the Clanrats. I am quite pleased with how he has come out, and am looking forward to putting together a bunch more.

At the black stump

Not much Warhammer has happened the last week. A particularly demanding client at work has seen to that. What spare time I have had has been used on putting together the next issue of Skavenblight Gazette, which is supposed to come out in a couple of weeks.

Somehow, though, I had today off and managed to slip a tiny bit of Warhammer into the schedule.

Firstly I undercoated the Gutter Runner prototype, as well as the knights stump hovel.

Then I got a couple of layers of paint onto the Grail Shrine. I had to do another base gre layer to even it all out first, and then painted on the brown sections. It is a little hard to see in the photo (read: totally impossible) but I then did a light drybrushing of first brown and grey mixed together, and then green and grey. This is in an effort to build up a bit of colour on it, and to make it less of a total grey blob.

In reality the effect is quite subtle, and I am happy with how it has started out. But it just doesn’t photograph at all. Pity.

Always start with brown

Came back to the Gutter Runner today with the intention of adding in the missing fur. But with the greenstuff now dry, I quite like how it looks without further work. So I decided to base it and leave it to dry, so I can undercoat it tomorrow.

With that off drying I decided to start work on painting the last lot of models I worked on. As always, Bestial Brown was dry brushed onto a black undercoat to start.

Followed by Mithril Silver on the metal areas.

I should have some time to get some more colours onto them tomorrow.