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Tower up

The tower has received a black spray undercoat. Previously I used PVA glue to seal the foam sphere, because as you would know, spray eats foam. Of course the PVA coat wasn’t totally even, and small sections of the sphere have been dissolved. This is fine, as the damage in minor, and once painted should look at little like dents and wear-and-tear.

And this is the first couple of layers of paint. I am using some common acrylic paints that come in tubes. A light grey mixed with black was the first coat, to give a gre that is just off of the black. Following that came a lighter grey layer drybrushed on to pick out the raised areas. Then, a tanned leather brown was added to the grey to add a bit of warmth, and this was blotched onto the upper stone areas. The next stage will be to take a small amount of the acrylic black and water it down quite a bit, creating a makeshift wash. A layer of this will go on to add a little depth into the cracks, followed by another drybrush of grey, and then another blotched mix of tanned brown and grey.

After this I can move onto the next largest area, the wood sections, followed by the metal sections. The small details will be the last thing to be done.

Rivets, rocks and Rhizocarpon geographicum

Attached struts to the canister thing today. Only vertical ones at the moment, but once these have dried a couple of horizontal ones will be added. I also cut rivets from some plasticard rod and glued them on.

I also glued some basing stones to the bottom, and once this is dry I can go and fill in the parts I missed. You will also notice on the right hand side of the picture there is some brown material going up the side of the tower. This is a finer basing material that I have applied to sections of the tower to try to create a moss effect. No tests were done, I just glued it all on in a whim. The proof will be in the painting.

And some shots of the other sides.

Continued tower renovations

Spent some time on the Skaven tower today. This is the start on some tanks that will affix to the side of the tower, mostly to cover up that hideous moulded banner.

The power ball thing glued in place, along with the jar whatever that is. I have also attached an old motor, in an effort to build some kind of relationship between these two odd devices.

I have also started detailing the base a bit. These remnants of battle and rocks go on, and some finer basing material will follow later.

Because I know you needed to see it. The other side.

Ramshackle tower

Skavenblight Gazette is nearing the pointy end of completion, just waiting on some illustrations to come in. Those illustrators, and their ways.

Somehow managed to find some time to work on the Skaven tower again. I started with the foam sphere. It had holes punched through it from its previous life holding chocolate on sticks. To fix this up I used PVA glue to attach random screws I have lying around. Two longer ones became these sort of antenna. Then I covered the remaining exposed foam with a layer of PVA glue. This will stop it from dissolving when I spray the whole thing.

Then I moved onto the frame for the canister/bottle. The is made from four lengths of square dowel, cut to size. I have glued cardboard rectangles around the corners to turn into metal plating. An old part of a computer was also attached.

The same square dowel was used to build the frame on the tower structure.

This is what the canister/bottle will sit in. The two parts the attach to the tower have had brass rod pins inserted, and been PVA glued on. This should make for a stronger join.

Lastly, I used smaller wooden rods to build the supports for the foam sphere, on the opposite corner of the canister/bottle support.


Wow. We are in November already!

I only realised the other day, I have only been to one tournament this year. Scandalous!

Today I was turfed from the house while the other half cleaned up. She had a cocktail party the other night, and there were various substances smeared on the floor. Food substances! No need to be filthy!

So I decided to take the time to make a start on my gap project, before I start painting an obscene amount of spear wielding Clanrats. I want to build some Skaven specific terrain, but the challenge is that the Skaven don’t really have a defined architectural look. Generally anything you see is a building ‘appropriated’ from another race. As a first attempt, this seemed like a good place to start.

In my terrain collection currently there is the bog standard pieces. A couple of houses, and a couple of woods. The new rules really bring strong tactical advantage to heavier structures, like towers, so I decided to start there. Using the plastic tower Brad left with me I sketched up a rough idea, which is above.

So this is the base of my Skaven tower terrain. It is actually the tower from Battle Masters, a board game made by Milton Bradley a decade or so back. It has a few minor problems, like the pieces not really joining together in a way that is flush, but this can be fixed with some blue and Milliput. Also, if you really look at the door placements (there is one on the front as in the picture, and one on the back at the top of a small staircase) you can see that the floor doesn’t really line up. The second door would be opening up half way down the first levels floor, like an elevator that has opened before fully reaching a floor. Lastly, that banner/persian rug moulded on the front is ghastly. Ghastly, I say!

All those issues aside, it is a good starting point to begin trying out some ideas and techniques.

This will be the base, made from 25m MDF board. I popped around to my parents house and got the old man to cut it out with a jigsaw. I would have done it myself, but I am not game to even hazard attempting it. If I am going to accidentally jigsaw someones cutting bench, I would prefer that it was my own.