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SKavenblight Gazette – Issue 14

Amazing I know. Three posts in the same week.

It has taken some work, but issue 14 is now available for download. Yet more Skaven flavoured goodness, absolutely free!

I did some quick research. Skavenblight Gazette, as far as I can tell, is now the clear holder of the webzine with the most issues. Word of Hashut looks like it comes in at second, with a mere 11 issues.

Skavenblight Gazette certainly isn’t the first Warhammer or wargame webzine, but it appears to be the oldest one still in production. I find it hard to believe I started working on this thing back in 2007. You would think we would have figured this whole making a webzine thing out by now.

Why are you still here? Go download the new issue.

Skavenblight Gazette Issue 12

What is this? Skavenblight Gazette issue 12 is available? Madness!

Yes, I realise this is the first peep you have heard from me in a while. More on that tomorrow. For now, bask in the glory of Skavenblight Gazette.

Get downloading man-thing!

Skavenblight Gazette – Issue 11

As promised, yesterday issue 11 of Skavenblight Gazette came out.

First thing is first, the cover. The intended cover, for whatever reason, didn’t turn up in time. Despite assurances to the contrary. So I was forced to put this cover together on the fly, in literally an hour before its release. For such an immediate job, I am quite happy with it. Doesn’t stop it from looking like complete arse, though.

Despite the cover malfunctions, I am quite happy with the rest of the issue. There is a good mix of articles, though I did have to plunder this very blog for the hobby piece.

At the moment the real push is towards issue 13. We have some big plans for it, possibly so grandiose that it is almost unaccomplishable. But there is no problem throwing more slaves at it can’t fix.

Now it is time for a Muppet news flash

Two main things are taking up my time at the moment. One I am not able to discuss here quite yet. But the other is issue 11 of Skavenbight Gazette. I am hard at work, whipping the slaves to get this thing put together at maximum speed.

At the moment it is planned for release on 13 April, only two or so days away! So keep an eye out for that.

Skavenblight Gazette Issue 10

Skavenblight Gazette Issue 10 is out and terrifying the gaming community.

You would do well to go there right now and download it. Then sit back and soak in some of the best webzine content about Skaven published this week. I guarantee it.


It’s December again

I’m sitting here in sticky humidity, sipping a cup of tea and internally screaming.

For over three years now I have been editing and producing Skavenblight Gazette. And I both loathe it and love it.

At present I am trying desperately to shove the gazette to completion. As much as I try, there always seems to be a mad rush to get an issue finished. We who run the gazette are partially to blame. I think our open-ended deadlines are one of the major causes, though the steep drop off in supplied content is causing a lot of grief. It’s not like we don’t have a lot of people who show interest in writing an article. We just don’t get a lot of follow through, not many actual complete pieces. All promise, no action.

But that is to be expected. What do you want from content generated from the goodness of someones heart?

So much like a Packmaster goading a Rat Ogre into battle, I savagely prod and whip issue 10 of Skavenblight Gazette forward. I’m basically waiting on a couple of illustrations and the proofers notes now. Which is pretty good, as I have spent the last couple of weeks bashing this issue into shape.

Honestly I am quite happy with it. The last nine issues I have been exploring the ‘standard’ gazette styles I initially set up. Same heading fonts and arrangements, same text columns. This issue I have decided to push it a little further, still using the base styles but seeing how far I could take them without losing that  unique Skavenblight Gazette feel. The results so far have been quite striking, and I hope the readers get a kick out of some of the interesting illustrations and page layouts.

To surmise, hopefully you see a new issue of Skavenblight Gazette before the end of the year. And hopefully it is worth the bandwidth you used to download it.

Never mind the bollocks

No news is good news right?

Work has started on the production side of Skavenblight Gazette. So that has been eating up a lot of my time. As always, there has been a lot of interest and promises on articles based on the new Warhammer edition, and not a lot of actual submissions. It is annoying, but I suppose it is the Skaven way. To leave your litter-mates to the predators. Hopefully we can ge it out by the end of November. I would hate to only have one issue come out this year.

Of course, this has all been hampered the last couple of days by dog. He was desexed on Friday, and his new nad-less lifestyle isn’t agreeing with him. It is compounded by the fact he has to wear this plastic cone on his head, as he keeps attacking his stitches. And the great thing? This is supposed to last fourteen days!

Skavenblight Gazette issue 9

Finally, issue 9 of Skavenblight Gazette has been released from its holding cell.

It has been a bit of an uphill battle with issue 9, what with both myself and the other editor having conflicting schedules. But, I was determined to have it out before the new edition of Warhammer hit. In the very least, so everyone can start thinking about new edition relevant content we will inevitably be running.

I’m really excited by some of this issues content. There is a brand new feature article that I hope to keep going for a good many issues. It has been launched with explosive style, having been penned by a particularly well known writer of things Skaven.

So pop on over and download it today.

Like forcing warpstone through a round hole

Just trying to finalise issue 9 of Skavenblight Gazette. All the major articles are in, so there is just little abnormalities to fix. Hopefully we can get this thing out by the end of this weekend. That would be nice.

Keep an eye out!

Skavenblight Gazette: Issue 8

Just in time for Christmas, issue 8 of Skavenblight Gazette is released!

I am pretty happy with this one. We managed to get an interview with the Black Library author C.L. Werner, which was quite exciting. He was really interesting to talk to, and oddly we had a lot of common ground in our views and opinions.

There isn’t quite as much content as I would have liked. Our article list was twice as long as what ended up in the issue, but a lot of the contributors just didn’t pull through. To be honest, this is just as much our fault as theirs. For some articles, it literally took us months to edit them and get them back to the authors. Poor form, gazette-adepts!

With a new year just about to be ushered in, I am hoping that I can use this to refine things a lot more. Get the machine behind the gazette running a bit smoother. There is just myself and the other editor, Vins, at the moment. I don’t know if I should bite the bullet and open up another spot for a staff member. It would be nice to have one person doing each job; promotions, layout, editing. Though I have a fairly clear vision of what Skavenblight Gazette should be communicating, so anyone else that came on board would have to be prepared to tow the line quality wise.

Now that The Bellower is soon to be released I have been thinking about the webzine community as a whole. At the moment we are a scattered group of enthusiasts with varying degrees of skill and resources. What I have been tossing about in my mind is, is it worth setting up some kind of hub for these webzine creators? A single place where they can find each other, offer advice and assistance, and possibly increase the quality and quantity of their content.

The real question, though, is do I need all this extra work?