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Terrain For Hippos


This is my current new favourite blog. Called Terrain For Hippos, it contains simple step-by-step guides on how to build really great looking terrain. This by itself would be a really valuable resource, but it is augmented by the small cartoonish hippos that provide the instructions for you. Head on over and take a look at the huge variety of terrain projects. A great informative blog, run by an Aussie to boot!

Just add mortar

Filled in all the gaps in the tower today. Once the Milliput is dry I can go back and sand them down a bit. The hope is that this will help them blend in a lot more once it is undercoated.

Work started on one of the devices that is going to be attached to the tower. I am using a polystyrene ball as the base, along with a couple of thin strips of card cut from a cereal box.

One piece of card was measured to go all around the middle of the ball, while the other was cut at half that length. I then used PVA glue to glue them both on. A push-pin has been used to hold the card on while it dries. Once this is done, I will have to give the sphere a coat of PVA glue. Otherwise the foam will dissolve then I spray basecoat the model.

One mans trash

I do have an update, of sorts, but this is not it. Instead I am quickly going to pimp a site I have just recently been reading, Terrain From Junk.

The new Warhammer rules have got me thinking about what terrain I need to add to my collection, and so I have been wandering the net taking in the miniature terrain sights. There is just something in Terrain From Junk that speaks to me.

More recently I have been shelling out cash for good quality products to build my terrain from. But in the beginning I was a makeshift terrain wizard, building things from old bits of packaging, broken toys and anything else I could get my mitts on. So I do feel a certain kinship with those at Terrain From Junk.

Keep up the good work guys.

Skaveny updates soon. I promise!