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No sleeping in the barn

Finished off the barn today. Painted the horse skeletons Dheneb Stone, followed by a Badab Black wash and then a drybrush of Bleached Bone. I also painted watered down PVA glue onto the mud to make it look a bit wetter.

Used Flesh Wash to rust the metal areas.

Same application as on the horses has gone into the bone pile.

Rather than open more paints, I just used the left over paint I had from all the areas we have already looked at to paint the last part. So Dheneb Stone has been used as the base for the arrow feathers, as well as the sack tied to the bow and the satchel around the bird. Black wash was then applied to these areas, and mixes of Dheneb Stone and Bleached Bone were used to drybrush highlights.

And thus we have a finished barn.

Since I still haven’t gone and picked up more Emerald Green, I went back to the cupboard and pulled out this piece of scenery I never finished. It is a Grail Knights hovel, what he lives in while he spends his days guarding a Grail Chapel. There is a Grail Chapel piece that accompanies this one, which you can see a little part of in the background. The idea that it is a hollowed out tree stump turned into a makeshift house.

First of all, the relevant knightly paraphernalia was stacked out the front. A helmet and shield from the Knights of the Realm sprues, the bottle from the Empire Halberdiers box, and I also think the sword is from there. With the helmet I had to cut the ribbon off of the back and re-attach it, so that it looked like it was sitting on the ground.

Next I added the mandatory sneaking at. This time I picked a particularly large one, with tunes and canisters covering it.

I decided to put some kind of bedding or ground covering inside the hovel. To make this hay scatter I cut bristles off of an old paint brush. The ground inside the stump was covered in a layer of PVA glue, over which I sprinkled the bristles. I had to use a popsicle stick to push it down into the PVA glue a little.

With the scatter inside the stump I could build a fire outside the entrance. I cut the top section off of the head of the Empire Flagellant with his hair on fire. This became the central flame for my fire. Logs were made using plasticard rod, glued down into a rough stacked pattern.

Lastly I decided to add in an axe and some more fire wood. The axe is from a previous edition Skeletons weapon arm, with the fingers shaved off of the shaft. Again, logs are made from plasticard rod.

After basing was applied I decided to glue a Bretonnian lance to the top of the hovel. It just give the model the right amount of height. Once this is dr I can basecoat it, and paint both this hovel and the Grain Chapel in tandem.

Countryside in blue

Started on the mud. Drybrushed green lightly over what was there, to give it an off shade colour. Then drybrushed progressively lighter layers of brown. Next I’ll detail the skeletons using Dheneb Stone and Bleached Bone, after which I can apply a thinned down layer of PVA glue. Another highlight of brown might be required after this. Depends on how ‘plasticy’ it ends up looking.

Now seemed like as good a time as any for an experiment. I have decided to paint some details on in blue, mostly the shield above the door and some writing on the barn. However, since I had the blue out already I decided to try something I haven’t done before. I also undercoated all the metal areas in the same blue. The idea is that the blue undercoat ‘tints’ the Mithril Silver when applied, giving the piece a stronger colour connection. Mostly though I was just game to see what happened.

The opposite side, with blue applied.

And Mithril Silver applied to the metal sections. As you can see, doing a couple of lighter layers gives the metal a slight blue hue. Of course, I’ll apply Flesh Wash rust to them soon.


First of all, the Doom-flayer is now available for inspection in the Showcase section. So go check out this converted machine of spinning saw death.

News on the barn. I attached a couple of extra details the other day, and then based it.

This yard kind of area had a thin layer of finer scatter applied. The idea is going to be to, once this is painted, apply a couple of layers of watered down PVA glue. Hopefully this will create a watery, muddy kind of appearance.

While the outside area is this mix of small irregular stones and round scatter.

So today I gave it a couple of coats of base colour. The ground is following the same basic scheme as the Skaven tower, while the yard will contain a bit more brown and green. I also have to think up an application for some of the board areas, to break up the large brown areas. Suggestions welcome.

Barn raising

With Emerald Green still out of the picture I decided to turn my attention else where. For now. This barn has been sitting in my scenery cupboard for quite a while now. So I decided to pull it out continue its construction.

The basic shape is built, but I never got around to detailing it. So, here we go.

Now, the first thing that occurred to me when I started working on this was, I don’t know what stuff you would see around a barn. Rather than go do some research (I was hiding in the game room while the partner did the vacuuming. Note to self: get a computer and the internet out here soon) I decided to rummage though my bits box. Anything that looked like it could be turned into some kind of a Bretonnian farm item was put into a pile.

So here we have one side of the barn. I broke popsicle sticks up into quarters, and then snapped these quarters into halves. This was then unevenly piled together to create a wood pile. The bell and parchment are straight from the box and glued to the wall. I also dug up a couple of little sacks and a knife, which I arranged on the ground near to the wood pile.

The hooks holding the farm tools and rope are from the old Dark Eldar Warriors sprue. Both the scythe and pitch fork are from the Zombie sprue. I just cut the arms off at the wrists and shaved the hands away, so that I just had the implements.

To make the rope I used string, much like I did with the Skaven tower. However, I learnt my lesson last time. On the tower the string is a little too thick, making the rope look far too bulky and less convincing. With this small rope I cut a length of string, and then untwisted a strand, leaving me with something half the thickness of the original string. I then rolled it into a rough circle, and rolled the two ends between my fingers. This wound the two ends together and held the loop in shape.

I wanted this scenery piece to be equally as macabre as it was idyllic. So at the rear of the barn I have made this skeleton pile. Who made it, or what it is for, I don’t know. But I like the idea of this sinister little aspect.

This is the other side of the barn. The axe in a stump comes straight from the Men-at-arms sprue, while the logs are cut from Skaven spear shafts. Again, I broke up popsicle sticks to create another wood pile. I want all my scenery to connect together somehow, so I have decided to include a coupe of rats on this barn piece. In this case there is a small rat scampering behind the wood pile. No doubt up to no good!

The back corner was looking a little bare, so I put this bow pack and arrows there. I think maybe a pheasant or rabbit or something might be needed to hold this part together.

On the front of the barn, above the door, I put this small shield with a fleur-de-lys on it.

Lastly I detailed the small yard. Horse skeletons seemed like a sensible inclusion, as well as a small robed Skaven whispering orders to a nearby rat. I’m sure it is all above-board.

So there we go, an impromptu and unplanned detailing of a barn. It needs some more added to it, but it is coming along nicely.