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Let slip the Dog of Warhammer

It has been a while hasn’t it. Not on purpose. Honest.

Any time that I usually spent on Warhammer has been taken up with another task recently.

The girlfriend finally called my bluff. That bluff being that if we had a house we could have a dog. We have a house, and now I had to deliver. And this is said dog, Bailey. I wanted to name him Barricade or Thanquol.

Sure, he looks all cute and cuddly here, but he is really a yapping, pissing and nibbling machine. This is just him sleeping after a hard hour of yapping, pissing and nibbling.

And with that image, let us move on to Warhammer.

Games Workshop announced the date that pre-orders begin for Warhammer. Announced the pre-orders. Let me say that one more time.

Announced. The. Pre-orders.

While I’m looking forward to the new edition, excuse me if I don’t explode with joy. We now have forewarning on a time soon coming up where we can give Games Workshop some money, and they can send us nothing for a few months. That’s not exciting. That is just information.

What was good about the announcement was a certain set of images that were attached.

Not that it explains much, but it is interesting to see what cards Games Workshop are willing to play. I mean, that Orc and Goblin page is almost superfluous. I guess I’m too old and jaded to just get all hyped up by some pretty pictures.

Though I must say, the intention of some of these images gives me hope. The ‘Battle For The Pass’ and ‘Invasion Of Chrace’ both look like something I have been pushing for more of in Warhammer, scenario based battles. As you would know, story is my thing.

I have managed to squeeze this in, however. Basic layers of Bestial Brown, Khemri Brown, Emerald Green, Elf Flesh and Snakebite Leather onto my Packmaster. Hopefully get the metallics on in the next few days, as well as start the other layers and detailing.

Packmaster in three easy steps

MAnaged to squeeze in some time on the Packmaster this weekend. Glued the antenna onto the gadget to make a backpack, as well as glued the book together. Cut down the helmet a bit more, and glued that and the pistol arm to the body. Lastly, I sliced the horn section off of the Bretonnian Knight musician arm and drilled out the hand.

After these part were dry, I glued them to the body.  And just like that, we have a Packmaster/Foreman! Complete with ‘long range’ weapon and a handy microphone and antenna to direct the loaders.