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The Campaigner Issue 4

090613-TCMIssue04 For those interested, The Campaigner Issue 4 was released today. This is the largest issue yet, and I am really happy with how it came out. A nice mix of interviews and educational features. I hope I haven’t hit my stride really, really early.

The Campaigner Issue 3


Today Issue 3 of The Campaigner was released.

090313-Cvr-Issue03 I am really happy with how this has turned out. In my past experiences the third and fourth issues have always been the hardest to produce. That Issue 3 came together quite smoothly is hopefully a good sign. I will let you know whether that is true or not when Issue 4 comes out!

The Campaigner Issue 2

A quick one today.

Issue 2 of The Campaigner has been released. You can download a PDF copy from the website, or order a print copy from MagCloud.

The Campaigner Issue 1

See, I wasn’t making stuff up. Issue 1 of The Campaigner came out today. This inaugural issue can be bought from MagCloud, but is also available there as a free download. I am too good to you people.

So in the very least, get on there and read the free digital version. If you like it, buy a copy. There will be no markup on the first two issues, to keep it as cheap as possible. Making this an excellent time to get in and see what this publication is all about.

You can keep up to date with other developments on The Campaigner website.

SKavenblight Gazette – Issue 14

Amazing I know. Three posts in the same week.

It has taken some work, but issue 14 is now available for download. Yet more Skaven flavoured goodness, absolutely free!

I did some quick research. Skavenblight Gazette, as far as I can tell, is now the clear holder of the webzine with the most issues. Word of Hashut looks like it comes in at second, with a mere 11 issues.

Skavenblight Gazette certainly isn’t the first Warhammer or wargame webzine, but it appears to be the oldest one still in production. I find it hard to believe I started working on this thing back in 2007. You would think we would have figured this whole making a webzine thing out by now.

Why are you still here? Go download the new issue.

Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols

Not Warhammer related. Not even tabletop wargame related really. In fact, I don’t really know anything about this, apart from that it probably deals more with RPG stuff.

But I stumbled across this new zine, Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols, connected to the blog of the same name. It looks very ameturish, and given the writing in the blog, I assume the zine writing is also not that fantastic. But there is just something incredibly ballsey about this publication. So much so that I wanted to give it a little bit more exposure.

If you are crazy enough to shill out the $3.50 USD for this, let me know what it is like.

The Campaigner

My little project that has kept me away has progressed into its next phase. This means I have something to show you!

Yes, as if putting together a webzine wasn’t enough, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and start production on a fully fledged print publication. So far I have cleared the first couple of hurdles. Those being, deciding to embark on this foolish endeavour, and then setting up the ground work to build on.

This has meant finding a printing and distribution system, deciding on a name, registering URLs, securing web space and a host of other fun little setup jobs. But things are progressing now.

The interim website is up, while the fully fledged site is in development. You can get onto there and read a little about what The Campaigner is going to be about, and what it hopes to accomplish.

Don’t be worried, though. This in no way means the end of Inane Courage. The content blackout may continue for a short while longer, while I get The Campaigner up and running. But I assure you, I will be back with the usual dubious quality content.


Skavenblight Gazette Issue 13

I do realise it has been a while. This will be addressed all in good time, but this post should help explain part of the reason for the absence.

Issue 13 of Skavenblight Gazette has been released. While it does contain some of the usual hobby content, this issue also looks at those behind Skavenblight Gazette themselves. So if you ever wondered what secrets the editors keep in their cupboards, this is the issue for you.

Irregular Magazine: Issue 10

As the post title might give away, Irregular Magazine Issue 10 came out the other day.

The production quality is up from last issue, which is good to see. I can forgive the occasional slip, but if it had started to become a regular thing then that is when I begin to break out the critiquing stick.

Not really much in this issue for Warhammer players, nor modellers or painters in general. There is an interesting article on Fighting Fantasy, though. Especially fortuitous, as Fighting Fantasy has come up in the research for one of the article I am working on for Skavenblight Gazette. Plus, I had almost totally forgotten about the book ‘Out of the Pit’. This book single-handedly put fantasy onto my interest radar, and it is just an index of monsters!

While the issue may not contain much relevant information to our kind, it is still worth downloading. These kinds of quality productions need to be supported.


Skavenblight Gazette Issue 12

What is this? Skavenblight Gazette issue 12 is available? Madness!

Yes, I realise this is the first peep you have heard from me in a while. More on that tomorrow. For now, bask in the glory of Skavenblight Gazette.

Get downloading man-thing!