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Time for the rats to leave their mothers

…and by mothers I mean the painting table.

I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out and I have learnt a lot about quick painting techniques along the way. It’s just a pity that so much got in between me and getting the little furries finished off. Well they aren’t completely finished… I haven’t got around to the bases yet, mainly because I have absolutely no basing materials yet. I intend to paint a few more things and then organise basing everything in one big group.

I definitely like the ones that I initially painted in darker colours better. The ones I did with the lighter cloth turned out having less depth, so I’ll definitely have to build up from black or something next time.

What’s next on the table? I’m not sure at the moment, but I am feeling the pull to get back into Warmachine / Hordes. There aren’t too many FB players left over here at the moment and WM/H wins over 40K for me. Maybe I’ll be back to post my reasons soon.

Anyway, on to the pictures:



Corridor Clanrats completed


Managed to find a couple of hours both Saturday and Sunday and finished the Warhammer Quest Clanrats off. Again, I am really pleased with how individual they look, but also how cohesive they are to not only each other, but the entire miniature set for Warhammer Quest as a whole. There are eight Clanrats sporting shields, not only Skaven but Chaos, Bretonnian and Empire as well.

For the record, the Clanrat with the horse skull on his back is also holding his Empire shield upside down. He might look important, but is obviously not the most observant of the crew.

Putting these guys together has given me an idea for a Skaven background piece. It would deal with how Clanrats like this exist in a quite small dungeon area with a host of other monsters and survive more than a day. Another project to add to the pile!

SKavenblight Gazette – Issue 14

Amazing I know. Three posts in the same week.

It has taken some work, but issue 14 is now available for download. Yet more Skaven flavoured goodness, absolutely free!

I did some quick research. Skavenblight Gazette, as far as I can tell, is now the clear holder of the webzine with the most issues. Word of Hashut looks like it comes in at second, with a mere 11 issues.

Skavenblight Gazette certainly isn’t the first Warhammer or wargame webzine, but it appears to be the oldest one still in production. I find it hard to believe I started working on this thing back in 2007. You would think we would have figured this whole making a webzine thing out by now.

Why are you still here? Go download the new issue.

Dead Winter

You can pop on over to Black Library and pre-order Dead Winter by C.L. Werner. He is one of my boys, so I highly recommend it. You can even read an extract from the book, just to affirm you made the right choice.

Another Rat Ogre ready for service

Finished off the Rat Ogre with a smattering of Flesh Wash to make rust, followed by Mithril Silver highlights. A couple of small details, like some rivets and smaller plates, were given a coat of Burnished Gold, to create a more patchwork appearance to the metal areas. This was all finished off with a highlight to the green areas, using a mixture of Goblin Green with a little Skull White added.

I also decided to make a start on painting my converted Assassin, as well as the Warlock Engineer, Warpfire Thrower and Plague Wind Mortar from Island of Blood. So far only the base colours have been done, Bestial Brown drybrushed over a black undercoat, followed by Khemri Brown, Mithril Silver, Elf Flesh and Goblin Green areas blocked in.

Still, the clan grows.

A relaxing Rat Ogre

Finally started on the third Rat Ogre. Drybrushed Mithril Silver, then Bestial Brown on the base. Once dried, Snot Green on some areas of the loader, and Khemri Brown on the base. Finally, a wash of Bedab Black was applied.

Just a nice, simple and relaxing afternoon of paint application.

That’s how to skin a rat

Back again already! I wouldn’t get used to updates this frequently…

Like I mentioned in my first post I have been looking to come up with a paint scheme for my new Skaven army that is a bit out of the ordinary. For me the paint scheme is primarily defined by the skin and fur colours used with the clothing and armour more of a secondary consideration. The image of a brown Skaven is what comes to my mind as a typical example of the army and this steered me more toward grey colours.
I also wanted to stick as much as I could to foundation paints and washes to keep things simple and prevent me from having to build up a huge paint collection. Furthermore, I was not enamoured with mixing paints for the base colour and so looked to start with a flat colour.

My first idea was a clan that had been underground for a long time and had begun to lose the colour from their hides, akin to the weird and wonderful animals scientists occasionally find in long sealed caves.

Basically: White base coat, 1:1 Devlan mud/ water wash all over, Baal red wash on the skin areas, 1:3 Menoth white base/ Morrow white (P3) on all the raised areas, pure white for extreme highlights.
I like the result, but it looked a little too healthy for me.

Next was an idea that I had talked over with Matt previously, doing a scheme where the fur was a lighter grey than the skin.

Fenris grey for the skin, 1:1 Astronomicon grey/ Fenris grey for the fur, 1:1 Badab black / water wash, 1:1 Astronomicon grey/ Fenris grey for the raised areas of skin, Astr. grey for extreme highlights on skin, 1:1 Astr. grey/ white for highlights on fur.
It came out okay in my opinion, but also took a lot longer than the first test model, while also being not as interesting on the tabletop.

Third was similar, but darker. I wanted more of a charcoal look, but since I was using Fenris grey as a base it turned out too blue and way off the mark from what I was thinking.

Basically the same as number 2 with black added into the initial mixes.
Not happy with this one. If I had a dark grey that was less blue it could have worked. Maybe also from a dark brown base.

The last test came from the results of the first. I tried to keep things very similar, but more pallid.

Same as #1 but I replaced the red wash with a Leviathan purple wash and the subsequent skin tone with 1:3 Astronomicon grey/ Morrow white.
I think I like this one the best, but going with a 2:2 mix to more easily see the final white extreme highlights might be a little better. Also, the fur areas stand out a bit funny as I didn’t wash them purple like I did the skin.

So there you go. I am leaning toward scheme #4, but I am keen to here some feedback first while I build up the remaining clanrats. Sorry about the relatively bad photos but I wanted to get them done today in the half-light that was available rather than wait until the weekend when I’ll have too much to do.

Cheers for reading.

G’day, Servus, etc.

I was originally going to include this post with a soon to be following one that showed a few test minis, but soon came to the realisation that it would end up being quite the long and winding blog post.

Anyway, enough of that, let me introduce myself. The name is Brad, the one and the same that Matt occasionally references (and abuses) in some of the blog posts here. I’ve known Matt for a long time now and we seem to be good mates, discuss and play Warhammer against each other amongst other activities. So what am I doing writing on Matt’s blog then? Well after having a hiatus from Warhammer due to 8th edition, writing a PhD thesis and moving overseas I am starting to get back into it with the most devious of races, the Skaven.

Given that Matt is a total ratman fanatic and that my hobby time is far too limited to run an interesting blog of my own we decided that it would be most excellent if I could post my experiences on an irregular basis.

I’m not one for long an rambling posts, so I’ll leave the introduction there. When I return it will be with some pictures of the test miniatures that I am working on, where I attempt to do something a little different than the ‘standard’ Skaven colour scheme.

’til next time.

Gutter group

Worked on the Gutter Runners again today. While the pathetic photo doesn’t show it very well, all the highlighting and detailing is done. All that is left is adding rust. Oh, and painting the torch. I haven’t really painted flames on anything before, so I am leaving this as its own little project.

Back at it

Back onto the painting wagon this weekend. Applied the basic base colours to the Gutter Runners. Looking forward to getting in and detailing them.