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It has been a few days since I declared it ‘finished’, so I thought letting you see how the Screaming Bell turned out would be a nice treat. So here it is, accompanied by a unit of 30 Clanrats. Making a movement tray for this unit is on my list of things to do.

I have started on the other Clanrats now. This is as far as I got today before I was rudely interrupted. I will have to pick up on this tomorrow evening.

Since the Border Princes Teaparty is this weekend I had to write up and submit my list. Here it is, for your perusal.

2500 point Skaven army

Grey Seer
– Screaming Bell
– Dispel Scroll
– Power Stone

– Battle Standard Bearer
– Grand Banner of Clan Superiority

– Pipes of Piebald
–  Tail Weapon
–  Additional hand weapon

Warlock Engineer
– Level 2
– Doomrocket
– Warp-energy Condenser

30 Clanrats
– Shields
– Command group
– Warpfire Thrower

35 Clanrats
– Shields
– Command group
– Ratling Gun

25 Plague Monks
– Command group

25 Stormvermin
– Command group
– Fangleader poison attacks
– War Banner

25 Slaves
– musician

25 Slaves
– musician

15 Giant Rats
3 Packmasters

6 Warplock Jezzails
– Sharpshooter

10 Globadiers
– Bombadier
– Death Globe


Warplighting Cannon

The saga rolls on

More Screaming Bell shenanigans. Things seem to be progressing faster now. The Clanrat crew and Grey Seer are coming along. Painting the Clanrats is fine, but the Seer is turning out to be a little more of a challenge. I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to approach his grey fur, but I think I have it sorted. Here I have used Fortress Grey as a base and dry brushed up to white.

The bell ringer mechanics aren’t looking to shabby either. I am basically following the same painting process as I did on the rank and file Plague Monks/Mechanics.

So this is the chassis as it currently stands. I did a Bedab Black wash today, as well as painted the ropes Snakebite Leather. I also decided to paint in the green warpstone sections, as this will help me to visualise how the chassi colours are interacting with them. I also highlighted the Tin Bitz sections with Burnished Gold. The effect is subtle, but I think highlighting these parts with Mithril Silver will help define them.

The front, after its Bedab Black wash.

And the wheels. More Bedab Black wash.

Today I was looking at some of the new Beastman stuff on the Games Workshop website. The Minotaurs in particular, there is something about them that I find so right, but so wrong. It confounds me as too what is causing that. I am looking forward to browsing through the book, though. Even those die-hard Games Workshop opponents can’t argue, they are really trying to break away from the generic fantasy visual style. Whether it works or not is something different. But the are trying.


At this point, I have to admit. I think I under-estimated the Screaming Bell. At least in terms of painting. It has taken me around three days ( 6-7 hours work in total) to just get the base colours down. That isn’t even including painting smaller details like the smoke or ropes. Most likely I will take care of them separately, and last.

So all the base colours are down on the carriage. Tomorrow I can give it Devlan Mud and Bedab Black washes to the appropriate areas, and then start building up the details from there.

Same goes for the wheels, though they are much simpler. A couple of washes and highlights and the should basically be done. If I am feeling up to it I might paint on faint blood spatters around the wheel edges. But that is if I feel like it.

The only thing the base is waiting on is a wash of Devlan Mud, and then it is done. “So what?” I hear you say. Well, that is 1 point in the UnderEmpire monthly painting challenge right there.

Lastly, the loose crew. Their paint schemes will be similar to the converted Clanrats I did last year, while the bell ringer crew will closely follow the Plague Monk/Mechanic paint scheme. I am going to have to do something special with the Grey Seer, to make him stand out against the mostly metal platform he will stand on.

Slowly but surely, the Screaming Bell is coming together.

Ship of fools?

Bestial Brown, Fortress Grey and Mithril Silver on the bell now. I still need to finish off the wheels, and then paint the bell itself Tin Bitz. After this,  the real work doing the layers, washes and general detailing begins.

Oddly, without its wheels on, the Screaming Bell looks a little like a boat.

Bell dandy

Frankly, this should all be fairly self explanatory.

The bell is glued to the carriage, and I have begun the detailing. Here we see the outside of the arm.

The back of the arm.

And the front of the arm.

Under the Grey Seers platform is this little bit of tech. And on the armless side of the bell I have attached this… box. I am going to paint it up to be some kind of release lever system, but in reality it is an Epic scale tank turret.

I’ll leave this to dry overnight, and tomorrow I can give it all a basecoat. At the moment the plan is to paint the wheels, carriage, base, Clanrats and Grey Seer separately. Since the wheels aren’t attached I will have to mark where they will go on the base and add the basing material around it. We will see how that goes.

The sound of doom

Attacked more of the Screaming Bell today. It is really shaping up now.

The bell itself saw a little more work. I greenstuffed all the gaps where the two halves of the bell join, as well as glued on the arm part that will connect to the carriage.

This is the cap that will go over the end of where the arm slots into the carriage. It is made from another tank wheel, with left over greenstuff used to give the cap a bit of mass.

While I like the bell ringers, I’m not a fan of the skeletal face of the left one. Using greenstuff I have started to try and sculpt some goggles over the empty eye socket. It is proving too be tricky, though I wold still class my sculpting skills as novice, at best. Hopefully I have the basic shape, and can add to this to get some better definition.

The mood also struck me today, and I have started to glue the new Clanrats together. Initially I plan to glue all the bodies onto the bases, and then give them arms. However, I put together the command models, as I want to put the rest together so they rank up nicely with them.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the bell attached to the carriage. We will see.

That ringing in my ears

Progress on the Screaming Bell has been made. This is where the bell stood at the beginning of today.

I have glued the bell together. This will be used pretty much unchanged.

I got a hold of an Ork Trukk kit the other day, and am pillaging it for suitable bits of tech. The smoke stack will be included later. The saw is from an old Robots toy, with an Abrams tank wheel as a kind of cap.

To me, the standard Screaming Bell just doesn’t seem occupied enough. Not to mention the Rat Ogre, which apparently fights in combat, is chained all the way at the back. So I am constructing an armoured front portion that a couple of Clanrat guards will occupy. Couple this with the massive saw at the front, and this should adequately represent the stat line of the Rat Ogre.

This is one of the Clanrat guards, sporting a nifty rifle.

And this is the other one, wielding twin hand weapons and with a gatling gun strapped to his back.

I am also not a fan of the Grey Seer clinging to the bell, so I am going to give him a little platform to stand on. Originally I was going to convert the Grey Seer from my spare Empire Wizard body, but that idea soon proved too much of a hassle.

The platform goes on top of one of the rock pillars. I have decided to go with an older metal Grey Seer model I have. I think his pose complements the model well.

And this is where the bell will attach. I have to build an arm that fits into the hole in the segment above. This segment will be pinned into the other rock pillar, seen here with Milliput drying in the space the arch usually fits into.

While I like the Rat Ogre model, I don’t feel that it fits in with the overall theme I am going for with my army. So I have opted to use the Plague Monks from the Plague Furnace to act as the bell ringers.

And this is where it is at as of the end of the day. Sans the bells mount, as the Milliput is still drying.

Overall I am happy with how this is shaping up. To be honest, when I started this project I wasn’t sure it was going to work out. The Screaming Bell kit looks complicated, and appears to be a converting nightmare. But approaching each portion carefully has meant that it has all come together fairly easily.

If I get time tomorrow I might even be able to get the bell mount on. After this, there are only some smaller details to add, and then I can undercoat the whole thing ready for painting. Most likely I will leave the Clanrat guards and Grey Seer separate for ease of paint application. The bell ringers have to be glued on, as their chain has to be attached to the bell mount.

After this thing is finished I can get back into the painting. I have the Clanrats and Slaves from last year to finish off, and two boxes of the new Clanrats to put together and paint. In the middle of next month is the years first tournament, so it would be nice to them the all finished for that.