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This was all done yesterday. However, a certain puppy managed to chew through my internet cord right in the middle of uploading images. So things were put off by a day!

First port of call was filling in some of the gaps with greenstuff. Things were pretty seamless on the actual model, the plastic arm fits snuggly into the socket, and dripping out the hand means that filling in the connection here is unnecessary. All the work was done on the banner itself.

Nothing major, just filling some little gaps, completing the hose connections and generally making sure everything was tidy. Overall I am happy with its progress.

A slight oversight, though, presented itself. I realised I should have tried ranking the model up previously, and popped it into a unit to see how it went. As I suspected, the tail stuck out far too much, and messed with the rank behind. Luckily, because the model is metal, all I had to do was bent the tail around and the problem was sorted.

Since I felt like I was in the swing of things, I decided to knock up a Warpgrinder while I was at it. With the new Ratling Gun rules making them a little less effective, and with a slew of extra weapon teams, fielding another Ratling Gun seemed unlikely. So I decided to use this as the base for my Warpgrinder.

The first task being, sawing off the barrel.

Which will be replaced with this drill from the Killa Kan box. I cleaned up the pieces, and sliced off the spherical hinge that attaches the drill to the arm.

I don’t trust the glue to hold the drill onto the metal all by itself, so I drilled out the end of the Ratling Gun as well as the drill. I then inserted a small length of copper rod to act as a pin.

And there we have it. The Epic tank is assisting me in holding the drill up while the glue dries. I don’t want a saggy Warpgrinder! Read More…

Wailing and whips



Somehow I managed to finish off the slaves today. I also gave 15 of the 30 Clanrats a base coat. Then I ran out of spray. Aaargh!!!

It is quickly becoming one of those weeks, and the week hasn’t even started yet. Our landlord called up, and our place is going on the market in two weeks. Right in time for Christmas. Thanks a lot, jackarse.

We have decided to bite the bullet and actually purchase a house. Of course, such a large expenditure coincides with me wanting to buy some new skaven stuff. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Things just keep getting better.

Greenstuff. Isn’t that warpstone?


All engines are on full throttle.

In the last couple of days I have been hard at work on my skaven. First task was to base the remaining slaves and get them undercoated for painting. So that is 44 actual models to make a 50 strong Skavenslave regiment. Or, more likely, two 20 plus ones.



Second was solving my problem with the Plague Monk standard falling over. A quick rummage through my bits box yielded this old lead shield. I filed off the attached arm, drilled holes in the shield and Plague Monk, and pinned it in place. This seems to be doing the job of keeping the model on its feet.

This was followed by a quick basing, and when that was dry, an undercoat.


After a lot of considering my timeframe and bank balance, I decided to start converting some of the unused Plague Monk bodies into Clanrats. The plan is to initially do 30 and see how that goes. I have roughly another 20 spare bodies around the place, though I’m hoping to pick up a couple of boxes of the new Clanrats that come out in a matter of days.

So above we have 21 of the Plague Monk bodies, with a monster base included for the unit filler.


This is the front rank, with standard bearer, champion and musician. For the command models I am using Packmaster bodies, as these have armour plates on them. While putting shields onto most of the rank-and-file will make them look more like Clanrats, I needed to armour them up some more to make sure the point got across.


To do this I rustled up as many armoured heads as I could. The older skaven heads don’t fit neatly onto the Plague Monk bodies as is, so I cut the join ‘bulge’ off of the head. With this gone they seemed to fit fairly snuggly. Arms still have to be added to the rank models.


With a closer shot of the command models. The drum and arms come from the Empire Halberdiers box. The champions arms come from the Empire Militia box. I also used the skaven banner from the older plastic Clanrat box.


While the armoured head, coupled with the eventual inclusion of shields, might have been enough, I wasn’t convinced. Biting the bullet, I broke out the Greenstuff I bought recently and had a go at sculpting armour for the Clanrats. Mostly I took this route, filling the robes opening with Greenstuff and sculpting chainmail. Though on some I modelled plates instead.

I have never used Greenstuff before, and I am glad I started with something smaller and not as prominent on the model. It gave me a chance to become familiar with the qualities of Greenstuff. I doubt have even begun to grasp the use of this material, so my education of the hobby continues.



Today is the start of inheritance.

After much time, my spies have returned with a magnificent prize. I almost wept for joy as it was passed to me by the bemused postal worker. So far I have read most of it, but I don’t think I have digested it all. Give me a couple of days and I’ll post up my thoughts on the new army book.


That is not all I did today, though! I did some calculations and figured I am going to need some more slaves. So I dragged out some old zombies, as well as started to build some unit fillers. This should bring me up to 46 slaves. I’m going to have to dig around a bit and rustle up 14 more, to make it an even 60. Or three units of 20.


I am particularly pleased with how this unit filler is working out.

The long weekend goodnight


Around these parts we had a long weekend. Three days off, should be good for getting some Warhammer in. Evidently not.

I finished the Plague Monk unit filler and glued it together. With this done, I went on to base the Plague Monks and Slaves. This took me three days. I kept doing little bits, and then having to go do something, come back, do some more. I’m sure you all know how it is. On some level, its frustrating.

Yesterday I hopped onto the train and went into the city, where I spent four or five hours playing some Warmachine. Fear not! I am not abandoning Warhammer. But it is good to play other systems and see what is out there. Actually, I quite enjoyed it. Where Warhammer is all movement, careful planning and battle tactics Warmachine seems to be largely skill management and all-or-nothing plays.

The forces don’t have to be too big to play a decent game, so I think investing in a medium size army isn’t out of the question. I suppose the only real downside is that the Warmachine community is a lot smaller, and travelling into the city to get games will be the norm for quite a while. But I can live with that.

Mighty machine men

Thanks to the White Dwarf scans yesterday, Inane Courage saw an impossibly huge influx of readers. I fully expect them all to never return. If you did stick around, however, welcome aboard. You will find no shelter here.


Work started on the Plague Monks unit filler today. In the murky depths of my bits box I had this old Chaos Space Marine Obliterator that a friend gave me. Honestly, I couldn’t see me ever actually using it as a Chaos Space Marine, but its boxy design and prevalence of metal plates make it perfect fodder for skavenising.

I cut the arm knobs and skull on a spike off. Like most metal Space Marine miniatures, the head was a little tricky to cut away. Diving into the past, I used the trick I developed on Tzar Boris, drilling into sections of the head and slicing the rest away. Then I cut the back section off of the skaven head I chose at the same angle, so that it would fit on as flush as possible. Lastly, I drilled our both arm sections, so I could pin on the new arms.


And these are his arms. The shoulders are both made from Ork Gargant turrets with the bases drilled out and pins inserted. On the right is what is supposed to be a kind of skaven welding device. This will be his left arm. The welder is an old Transformers gun, the owner of which I think was lost years ago. The other piece, on the left, is his right arm. From the small hole that is visible I will attack a piece of wire. This will attach to the power pack and be where the welder gets his juice from.

Power pack, you say?


That would be this guy, a Mechanic pulling the power device on a cart. Obviously the Mechanic is made from a Plague Monk body and head. The arms come from the Flagellant sprue, and used to be hands holding the two-handed flail.

The cart is made from a balsa wood frame, with plasticard rod as the handles and axle. Those familiar with the skaven model range will spot Clanrat shields appropriated to be wheels.

Of the power pack itself, there are three main elements. The first is a Bretonnian Peasant Archer brazier with the stand cut off. This will be painted up to be a chunk of warpstone. The mechanical section is another part from an Ork Gargant. I think this comes from off of a weapon attachment, and might be a Wierdboyz Tower. Don’t quote me on that, though. And the last bit is a small connector from the inside of a computer with a clipped nail as an aerial.

The cart came out a little larger and bulkier than I had wanted, so getting both that and the welder onto the base will make it a little crowded. I think this will be ok, though, as long as I position them right.


What with waiting for carts, devices, cyborgs and welders to dry, I had some spare time. So I constructed these three ‘slavemasters’ to go into the slave units. I suppose they are basically the skaven tasked with driving the slaves forward.

If I can get the Plague Monks unit filler finished tomorrow I might be able to get them and the slaves based. Once that has happened, it is only a quick step to having them base coated and ready for painting.



Weather wise, today was awful. Windy, thunder and lightning, rain. Perfect weather, though, for sitting inside and building some troops!

First, I spent an hour or so cutting plasticard rod into thin slices and then gluing them onto the claws. These make excellent rivet details, and are basically the only detailing the claws actually need. If they were any bigger, like on an Orc or something, then that would warrant a little bit more detailing work. But as it is, the size and sheer number of the claws means only a minimum of details are needed.


While these were drying, I next glued rivets to the crates. Look at those crates go!


With the claws dry I could then glue them to the arms I had prepared.


From there, they were glued to the Plague Monks/Mechanics themselves. I think they are looking rather good.


And once the crates were dry, they too were glued to their waiting slaves. Once these are dry I’ll model a brace onto the ones with slings, so that they are actually holding a handle. Rather than just awkwardly wielding a sling while having a giant wooden box on their back.

More like ten shitloads

I didn’t mean to go for this long without updating, but I really haven’t done anything. Over the weekend I meant to work on some of the skaven some more, but instead ended up playing Gears of War 2 for the bulk of it. It is actually a really good, engaging game. The hyper-masculinity and appalling GI speak initially put me off, but getting into the game proves it has some rewarding content. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t played it already.

On to the tiny men!


Again, a day off work today. Things are slow since all of the government budgets came out late this year. At least this translates into more time to spend on Warhammer!

I popped in to Gamers Guild to pick up some sculpting stuff. Recently they started stocking hobby material made by this company called Gale Force Nine. The company has a selection of products, like plasticards, basing materials and sculpting tools. I haven’t had a look at the rest of the stock, but the sculpting tools I bought are really good quality. I wanted to pick up some Greenstuff too, but it was all sold out. So that will have to wait.


This is why I was looking at sculpting products. I tried to sculpt the ‘sacks’ that these slaves are supposed to be carrying. Greenstuff would have worked a lot better, but I was forced to use the only available material I had on hand, Milliput. Milliput works well on filling gaps and smaller jobs, but it isn’t really made for larger sculpts.

The slave on the left isn’t looking too bad, his sack looks almost sack like. The one on the right, though. He looks like he is carrying a slab of meat.


While I was at it, I also filled the gaps on these slaves. I also put together this slave, on the far right, from a left over torso and the head-in-stocks from the Empire Flagellant box.


This is what the rest of the slaves are looking like. I have made some more ‘bundles’ for gnoblars to carry from old wires. What I am on the lookout for, though, is something to use a crates or boxes for some of the slaves to carry. A good idea on what to use eludes me, though. Suggestions are welcome.

Hit the ground running


Again, a day off. I like having a day off during the week. I should have it written into my contract.

I should get a contract.

So today I based the Stormvermin regiment. I’m just waiting for them to dry and then I can basecoat them, ready for painting.





Also as promised, a more detailed ‘360’ view of the Stormvermin unit filler.


Basing the Stormvermin didn’t take long, so I also started work on more of the slaves. Here there is mostly gnoblars with gnoblar heads, but a few I stuck Clanrat heads onto. There are still five gnoblars outstanding, as well as the unit fillers that will require work.

A slave to the ratman


Work is a bit slow at the moment, so I got today off. I spent it wisely, though, working on the skaven army and going to see the GI Joe movie with my brother.

The first thing I did was work on the Stormvermin unit filler. I glued the rat rider to the base the other day, so today I added a bit of Miliput to the joins to create a smoother transition between the ridden rats moulded base and the slottabase. Once this is dry I can apply the basing material to this and the rest of the Stormvermin.


I made a start on the slaves today too. I have decided that they will be a mix of goblins, humans and skaven. The goblins and skaven will make up the bulk of the troops, while there will only be a few humans scattered about the units.

Primarily, for the humans, I am using zombie parts. These are three ‘standard’ slaves. The one without a base I plan to put onto a unit filler.


Here I cut the hand weapons away from the right arms of these zombies and drilled their hands out. I have then glued in a frame, wire for the left one and a paper clip for the right one, to sculpt onto. The plan is to give both of these guys sacks or bags that they carry.


And this is the final four human slaves. These guys are carrying large… things. Yeah, ok, I don’t know what exactly they are carrying. Then again, I doubt they themselves or their skaven masters know what they are carrying either. What is transported on the Warprail is a mystery!

I had to cut away some of the nobs that the arms slotted into to give the appearance of being behind their backs. The cargo is made primarily from diodes from an old computer part, with the fellow at the front on the right carrying a part from my old hobby knife.

Next I’ll start working on the goblin slaves. They are going to be slightly more difficult.