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The Bellower Issue 4

Our good friends at The Bellower have brought out their fourth issue, and it is the best yet.  This actually came out late last month, but this seems like as good a time as ever to promote its release.

As always the issue is a quality piece of work. Writing and editing is excellent, and they are really hitting their stride in the page design area. The Bellower is starting to develop its own unique visual style. The articles flow really well, both in regards to content and look, and its easy to tell where in the issue you are.

Of particular note is the excellent piece on mixing and applying a blood effect to models. It is written simply and effectively with good complimentary photographs. I am also quite fond of Gastronomic Rumblings from the Butchers Pot, an article on one players experiences with the Ogre Kingdoms and Warhammer in general.

So pop on over to The Ogre Stronghold and take a look at The Bellower Issue 4.

Irregular Magazine: Issue 4 & The Bellower: Issue 2

Not a massive, pull no punches review as normal. More a friendly heads up.

Issue 4 of Irregular Magazine came out not long ago. I am still making my way through it, but if previous issues are anything to go by, this issue is well worth a look.

While you are at it, go check out The Bellower issue 2. This came out a while back, but the opportunity to push it never really came up. Now seems like a good time. Download now, thinling!