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This other cardboard box is the ensuite

Wow. I mean, wow. It has been a hectic couple of days. I meant to update days ago with Plague Monk progress, but something came up that drew my attention.

The local paper arrived the other day, and opening to the Real Estate section yielded a picture of where I currently live. Apparently for sale. Hmm, surely I would have heard about this prior to its submission to the paper. A call to the land lord later and the mess is cleared up, sort of. It isn’t supposed to be in the paper, they aren’t selling the property. Yet. They might. Or might not. They aren’t sure.

At least we haven’t been forced to live in a cardboard box quite yet!

Onto the Warhammer.


These are from a couple of days ago. Mithril Silver has been applied to all the metallic areas, save for the welders face plate. Shortly after taking this picture I applied a Devlan Mud was to all skin areas, and a Bedab Black wash to all the other areas.


Today I finished them off. Dheneb Stone was applied to the robes and a drybrush of Vermin Fur was done on any fur. Flesh Wash was used to create rust stains on the metal. Elf Flesh was used to highlight the skin. I then did another Bedab Black wash over the robes, using Dheneb Stone to highlight when it was dry. The hoods were highlighted with Rotting Flesh, and I used Emerald Green and Amethyst Purple on the warpstone and cabling.


A closer look at how the paint scheme was achieved. I still have the standard bearer to do, but he is a bit off balance still. I have to find a way to weight the rear of his base a bit more so he doesn’t go head first into the ground.


And this is the Plague Monks/Mechanics unit filler, the ‘welder’.

Now I have thirty-two slaves to paint. I signed up for Dogs Breakfast, a tournament in a couple of weeks. I would like to take my skaven, but I’ll have to see what kind of a list I can build in the new book with the guys I have. If all else fails, I’ll break out the Bretonnians!

M to the O to the N to the K


Another day slaving over the Plague Monks/Mechanics. I got all the Rotting Flesh areas on, as well as painted over any colours that had gone over the black. I also got part of the way into applying the Elf Flesh layers before I ran out of time and daylight.

I’m happy with how this is coming along. If anything, I can notice how my paint application skills have started to improve. Hardly any of the base colours are blotch or streaking, something which I often have a bit of trouble with. Mostly because I didn’t have the patience to wait for them to dry and do another layer. Now, I am the Zen Master of painting. Or in the very least, the Zen Work Experience Kid.

Last night I got an email about Dogs Breakfast, a tournament that happens once a year in these parts. It is scheduled to happen shortly after the new skaven army book release, so I am considering attending with my new skaven army. Of course, that means actually getting my skaven army up to 2500 points or so in less than a month. Should be interesting.

Do not let these guys fix your car


This whole Xbox being broken thing is bearing some unexpected fruits. Obviously I usually fritter away countless hours blasting at zombies, soldiers and whatever else game developers decide to throw at me. These have been recaptured and turned into painting!

I started work on the Plague Monks/Mechanics this weekend. The Bestial Brown layer had been applied, as well as the Khemri Brown coat to all the lower robe areas. It actually took quite a few hours just to do these two colours, largely because they represented 75%-90% of the models area.

As well as doing this I have also been editing some of the next Skavenblight Gazettes content. It all seems to be coming together in some fashion, though the real test is going to be after the new book is released. That is why I am trying to punch through the few articles we have already had submitted, just so their isn’t going to be such a large backlog of stuff.

The long weekend goodnight


Around these parts we had a long weekend. Three days off, should be good for getting some Warhammer in. Evidently not.

I finished the Plague Monk unit filler and glued it together. With this done, I went on to base the Plague Monks and Slaves. This took me three days. I kept doing little bits, and then having to go do something, come back, do some more. I’m sure you all know how it is. On some level, its frustrating.

Yesterday I hopped onto the train and went into the city, where I spent four or five hours playing some Warmachine. Fear not! I am not abandoning Warhammer. But it is good to play other systems and see what is out there. Actually, I quite enjoyed it. Where Warhammer is all movement, careful planning and battle tactics Warmachine seems to be largely skill management and all-or-nothing plays.

The forces don’t have to be too big to play a decent game, so I think investing in a medium size army isn’t out of the question. I suppose the only real downside is that the Warmachine community is a lot smaller, and travelling into the city to get games will be the norm for quite a while. But I can live with that.

Mighty machine men

Thanks to the White Dwarf scans yesterday, Inane Courage saw an impossibly huge influx of readers. I fully expect them all to never return. If you did stick around, however, welcome aboard. You will find no shelter here.


Work started on the Plague Monks unit filler today. In the murky depths of my bits box I had this old Chaos Space Marine Obliterator that a friend gave me. Honestly, I couldn’t see me ever actually using it as a Chaos Space Marine, but its boxy design and prevalence of metal plates make it perfect fodder for skavenising.

I cut the arm knobs and skull on a spike off. Like most metal Space Marine miniatures, the head was a little tricky to cut away. Diving into the past, I used the trick I developed on Tzar Boris, drilling into sections of the head and slicing the rest away. Then I cut the back section off of the skaven head I chose at the same angle, so that it would fit on as flush as possible. Lastly, I drilled our both arm sections, so I could pin on the new arms.


And these are his arms. The shoulders are both made from Ork Gargant turrets with the bases drilled out and pins inserted. On the right is what is supposed to be a kind of skaven welding device. This will be his left arm. The welder is an old Transformers gun, the owner of which I think was lost years ago. The other piece, on the left, is his right arm. From the small hole that is visible I will attack a piece of wire. This will attach to the power pack and be where the welder gets his juice from.

Power pack, you say?


That would be this guy, a Mechanic pulling the power device on a cart. Obviously the Mechanic is made from a Plague Monk body and head. The arms come from the Flagellant sprue, and used to be hands holding the two-handed flail.

The cart is made from a balsa wood frame, with plasticard rod as the handles and axle. Those familiar with the skaven model range will spot Clanrat shields appropriated to be wheels.

Of the power pack itself, there are three main elements. The first is a Bretonnian Peasant Archer brazier with the stand cut off. This will be painted up to be a chunk of warpstone. The mechanical section is another part from an Ork Gargant. I think this comes from off of a weapon attachment, and might be a Wierdboyz Tower. Don’t quote me on that, though. And the last bit is a small connector from the inside of a computer with a clipped nail as an aerial.

The cart came out a little larger and bulkier than I had wanted, so getting both that and the welder onto the base will make it a little crowded. I think this will be ok, though, as long as I position them right.


What with waiting for carts, devices, cyborgs and welders to dry, I had some spare time. So I constructed these three ‘slavemasters’ to go into the slave units. I suppose they are basically the skaven tasked with driving the slaves forward.

If I can get the Plague Monks unit filler finished tomorrow I might be able to get them and the slaves based. Once that has happened, it is only a quick step to having them base coated and ready for painting.

On guard

Try as I may, things only happened piecemeal to the skaven this weekend.

I managed to cut up some plasticard and make it into shoulder guards for the Plague Monks/Mechanics. It is basically just thin strips of plasticard bent around a pencil to give it a bit of a curve. Small slivers of plasticard rod were used to make the rivets for the shoulder plates and detail the rest of the claw arms.

When I was waiting for some of those to dry, I went through my bits box to try and start getting an idea on what I could do for the unit filler. Only idea has presented itself that I am interested in pursuing, though I am unsure if it will ultimately work. I’ll have to spend some time choosing the some parts, and mock it up. Once I have done that, I’ll post something up. Stylistically it is bound to either have people totally on board, or they will loathe it. That’s what I forsee.

Oh, and it’s my birthday today.



Weather wise, today was awful. Windy, thunder and lightning, rain. Perfect weather, though, for sitting inside and building some troops!

First, I spent an hour or so cutting plasticard rod into thin slices and then gluing them onto the claws. These make excellent rivet details, and are basically the only detailing the claws actually need. If they were any bigger, like on an Orc or something, then that would warrant a little bit more detailing work. But as it is, the size and sheer number of the claws means only a minimum of details are needed.


While these were drying, I next glued rivets to the crates. Look at those crates go!


With the claws dry I could then glue them to the arms I had prepared.


From there, they were glued to the Plague Monks/Mechanics themselves. I think they are looking rather good.


And once the crates were dry, they too were glued to their waiting slaves. Once these are dry I’ll model a brace onto the ones with slings, so that they are actually holding a handle. Rather than just awkwardly wielding a sling while having a giant wooden box on their back.

It’s the small things that count


Today was a day of tiny advances.

I put together eleven claws hands for my Plague Monks/Mechanics. There are five monk hands outstanding now. For those I’ll do some other designs of claw, to mix it up a bit.


I also finished gluing the plasticard frames onto the crates. While I was at it, I also used Milliput to fill in some of the more unsightly gaps.


While I had some Milliput mixed I thought I might as well fill in some of the gaps on the Plague Monk/Mechanics too. I must admit, the sculpting tools I bought have really helped to speed this process up a lot.

Lastly, the first turn of the UnderEmpires ‘UnderDark Campaign’ has finished. In my typically selfless manner not only did I look after a more official version of the factions vote for an overall commander, as well as submit my own moves for the turn, but I also put together the faction newsletter. I pretty much assume my letter of gratitude is in the mail.

Crates, the FPS staple


Who ever thought finding cubes of a certain size would be so difficult? I was out for about two hours today, looking in all kinds of shops for something to base my crates off of.

In the end I found these ‘wooden craft cubes’ in Spotlight. They are roughly the right size, and the wood grain will mean a little less work making them look like convincing crates.


So far what I have done is to cut strips from some thin plasticard and glue them around the outer edges of some of the cubes. These will be the metal frames of the crates. Details like rivets will be added after all the frames are glued on, to make them look a little more industrial and substantial.


I also started working on my Plague Monks/Mechanics. So far I have cut the fists off of a bunch of left arms. The plan is to then make some claws, glue them to the arms, and then glue the arms on. This way I can position the claws so that they do not get in the way. After they are stuck on, I can add the details, like the hydraulics and the shoulder plates.

The first turn of the UnderDark campaign is almost over, and I haven’t submitted by report yet. I am a little worried, as I am a perfectionist and I want to finish my ‘short story’ first before I submit the report. That will also grant me an extra spoil.

My main problem is that my ‘short story’ is quickly turning into a first chapter. It just keeps going, and won’t stop. And this is just the setup!



Had the day off work today, so I spent most of it working on my skaven.

Popped over to Gamers Guild and picked up twelve armoured arms with hammers, for my Plague Monks/Mechanics. I cleaned them, and glued the arms and heads on. I also glued on a gong, to be their musician. After I have finished working on their other arms I will begin work on the unit filler.


This is the units standard bearer. He is too top heavy at the moment, so I will have to counter-balance him with something. As it is, he just topples forward if left unassisted.


I also glued the arms to my Stormvermin. Since they aren’t going to need any conversion work, I can make a start on their unit filler. After this is done, I can base them all and get started on painting them.