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Irregular Magazine: Issue 10

As the post title might give away, Irregular Magazine Issue 10 came out the other day.

The production quality is up from last issue, which is good to see. I can forgive the occasional slip, but if it had started to become a regular thing then that is when I begin to break out the critiquing stick.

Not really much in this issue for Warhammer players, nor modellers or painters in general. There is an interesting article on Fighting Fantasy, though. Especially fortuitous, as Fighting Fantasy has come up in the research for one of the article I am working on for Skavenblight Gazette. Plus, I had almost totally forgotten about the book ‘Out of the Pit’. This book single-handedly put fantasy onto my interest radar, and it is just an index of monsters!

While the issue may not contain much relevant information to our kind, it is still worth downloading. These kinds of quality productions need to be supported.


Skavenblight Gazette Issue 12

What is this? Skavenblight Gazette issue 12 is available? Madness!

Yes, I realise this is the first peep you have heard from me in a while. More on that tomorrow. For now, bask in the glory of Skavenblight Gazette.

Get downloading man-thing!

Irregular Magazine: Issue 9

Seven months into the year, and webzines seem to have been pretty thin on the ground. Luckily we have issue 9 of Irregular Magazine to take the woes away.

As always, there is an interesting mix of articles. Not a lot of Warhammer specific content, though a couple of very good painting and scenery pieces.

They do appear to have run into some page formatting problems, though. There are some conspicuously lonely looking feature headers that surely are intended for the following page. Also, the side section indicators (‘Wargames’, ‘RPG’ etc) don’t seem to follow a strict convention. Tuning on page spreads in the View / Page Display menu only increased my confusion. I hope they get this sorted out.

But as always, head on over to Irregular Magazine and give it a look.

Irregular Magazine – Issue 08

Saddle up those beasts of war, issue 8 of Irregular Magazine has hit the web.

It is the same high quality it always is, though I didn’t really find anything to interest me this issue. But that is fine, you can’t please every one all the time. You should definitely take a look though, as who’s to say that exactly the article you need isn’t wedged somewhere in its digital pages?

However, it still irks me that they insist on cataloguing their issues according to season. In this case, this is the ‘Spring’ issue. Except where I am, it is not Spring. It is Autumn. My opinions on this kind of practise are widely known, and will not be repeated.

So go check it out.

Word of Hashut Issue 11

Yet again the Chaos Dwarfs come marching from the blasted wastes of the Dark Lands. This time with issue 11 of The Word of Hashut.

The quality and presentation of The Word of Hashut has been of such a high level that I don’t even need to really critique it anymore. I can point out things that aren’t really working, or work really well, but as a whole the team seems to have it all together.

So what is in this issue that will be of interest to the general Warhammer player? Firstly, there are some really interesting Orc animosity conversions that you should check out. The individual conversions look great, and somehow work together as a cohesive unit. Impressive stuff.

The Golden Hat competition is also worth a look. All three models on offer are fascinating , and each speak to different aspects of the Chaos Dwarf fiction. It also helps that they are extremely well painted.

A special mention should go to The Forge of Hashut, an article dealing with my favourite game of all time, Warhammer Quest!

There is one unfortunate inclusion, though. An article on how to deal with Orcs and Goblins, right when a brand new Orc and Goblin book is about to hit the shelves! This isn’t a major problem, and work on this article obviously began a while back. It just makes the article seem a little, superfluous. On the up side, it does have an awesome illustration of a goblin shaman accompanying it.

Reading the editorial, it looks like the team have come to the same realisation we came to on Skavenblight Gazette a while back. While large, thematic issues are terrific, they are just a pain to organise, edit and produce. It looks like we will be getting a slightly slimmed down version of Word of Hashut from now on. And I am cool with that. The team behind The Word of Hashut has to keep itself fresh and energised, and if changing up the length and focus of the webzine means maintaining this, so be it.

I wish them all the best.

Irregular Magazine Issue 7

Yet another webzine release. It must be that time for them. This time we have Irregular Magazine, Issue 7. Can you believe it is already at issue 7, especially since it was in mid 2009 that the first issue hit?

This issue is a comfortable 92 pages, with lots of the regular features and articles. There are the usual painting and modelling pieces, stories, and setting articles for a variety of game systems. Theres even an interview with the old friend of Skavenblight Gazette, Alessio Cavatore.

Of particular note is an article titled ‘Chaos Trees’. It details how to construct some truly bizarre and wonderful trees that will repulse and confound. Excellent stuff, and one of the most ingenious pieces of modelling advice I have even encountered.

As usual, the articles are well written and edited. Though the layout design has started to plateau bit. While some of the pages are really interesting and fun to read, most seem to be a bit lacklustre. Or in a couple of cases, a bit confusing. Which is a shame.Especially when they have some really awesome artwork at their disposal.

Overall though it is a good issue. You are bound to find a couple of articles of interest that you can use to develop your own hobby projects.

The Bellower Issue 4

Our good friends at The Bellower have brought out their fourth issue, and it is the best yet.  This actually came out late last month, but this seems like as good a time as ever to promote its release.

As always the issue is a quality piece of work. Writing and editing is excellent, and they are really hitting their stride in the page design area. The Bellower is starting to develop its own unique visual style. The articles flow really well, both in regards to content and look, and its easy to tell where in the issue you are.

Of particular note is the excellent piece on mixing and applying a blood effect to models. It is written simply and effectively with good complimentary photographs. I am also quite fond of Gastronomic Rumblings from the Butchers Pot, an article on one players experiences with the Ogre Kingdoms and Warhammer in general.

So pop on over to The Ogre Stronghold and take a look at The Bellower Issue 4.

The Bellower Issue 3

Off hand, I don’t think I have reviewed any webzines this year. To be honest, everyone was starting to do them, and I prefer not to become part of the white noise.

However, said reviews have become a bit thin on the ground lately, and since I have been otherwise occupied to produce anything Warhammer related, lets look at the latest release.

Ogres belly! It’s The Bellower!

First off, it sounds like they had a similar quandry we had producing the last issue of Skavenblight Gazette. Do we run 7th edition articles or not? It looks like they decided to abandon what plans they had made and dive right into 8th. Good for them, I say.

What articles they have included are the usual high quality. In particular, the analysis on the Ogres item choices is very good, and an excellent starting point if you are looking at what has changed in 8th edition. The article on creating a greenstuff banner was also informative, and contained some brilliant written and visual explanations on the process.

As usual, The Bellower looks good too. It hasn’t taken them long to really cement a visual style and carry it across the whole issue.

My only real gripe, and this applies to a lot of webzines, is when they apply the seasons to their dating. For instance, this issue of The Bellower is Issue 3 Summer. Except it isn’t Summer where I am, far from it. We only just hit spring a couple of days ago. These conventions, while they work in a local sense, are especially useless on something produced as digital media.

So as ever, if you are looking for a good read, I suggest you give issue 3 of The Bellower a good look.

Like forcing warpstone through a round hole

Just trying to finalise issue 9 of Skavenblight Gazette. All the major articles are in, so there is just little abnormalities to fix. Hopefully we can get this thing out by the end of this weekend. That would be nice.

Keep an eye out!

Irregular Magazine: Issue 4 & The Bellower: Issue 2

Not a massive, pull no punches review as normal. More a friendly heads up.

Issue 4 of Irregular Magazine came out not long ago. I am still making my way through it, but if previous issues are anything to go by, this issue is well worth a look.

While you are at it, go check out The Bellower issue 2. This came out a while back, but the opportunity to push it never really came up. Now seems like a good time. Download now, thinling!