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Globadiers away

Today was a public holiday here. Not just that, but the first public holiday where I haven’t had to do something or go somewhere. Rejoice!

So I spent it finishing off my Globadiers.

As well as started painting my Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader. Here he is after his base coat has dried.

Just for the hell of it, here he is compared against my earlier concept model. Surprisingly, they rank up fine.

After a coat of Mithril Siver, Bestial Brown and Khemri Brown.

Here it is after a Bedab Black wash, Elf Flesh on the skin and Tin Bitz used to pick out parts of the machine.

Flesh wash has been used to create the rusted effect, while pipes and other details have been picked out in Emerald Green. The brazier has been painted silver, and then had a layer of Amethyst Purple added. So that is the base colours done, and now the minor details and highlighting needs to be added.

Lo and behold

Lo! Back to attacking the skaven. Gape in wonder!

Layed some more base colours onto the Globadiers. Most of my time as spent finishing up something else, though.

Which would be this. I am happy with how this is looking. The magnets could stand to be a little smoother, so I might give them one last layer of Milliput. Otherwise, this bad boy is ready for undercoating.

And for all you pervs, a rear shot.

Feel the heat

A quick post today, I am wiped. 39 degree heat, and almost eight hours of solid modelling and painting. Not to mention roughly the same regime yesterday.



I picked up the new plastic Doomwheel yesterday. When I have some time I might do a little model review on it. It is a good piece, and I am quite happy with how it looks.


The other side, and after basing.


This is where it is at as of today. These are all base colours, and tomorrow I’ll do a Bedab Black wash when I get home from work. This should do for Dogs Breakfast on Saturday. After that I can do all the proper highlighting and what have you.


Same goes for the Clanrats. Just need a Bedab Black and Devlan Mud wash and should be very rough tabletop ready.


Got all the converting done on the Glabadiers. This took quite a while, but I think they have come out well. The one with the sword is my Bombadier. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have them painted at all for the tournament. Shame.

Those in charge step forward


Work has started on the Chieftain and the Warlock Engineer. At the moment I have just done the Bestial Brown base along with a layer of Elf Flesh.

The overall colour scheme will be pretty much the same as the weapon teams and the Globadier, though I do intend to introduce a bit more green to the characters. For instance, I think the back banner of the Chieftain will have a large green clan logo, and possibly one of the shoulder guards of his armour will be green. The Warlock Engineer I am not so sure about. I was thinking the plate in the centre of his chest could be green, with a reversed clan logo. I think green should also be worked into the Warp Blades too.

Basically the intention is to use some smatterings of string colour to make the characters pop out from the surrounding horde.




Speaking of which, the surrounding horde!

I still have to glue the piping onto the Warpfire Thrower and Ratling Gun, but apart from this I am pretty happy with how they have turned out. In fact, I am especially happy with the paint job on the Warpfire Thrower device itself.

Now I have to track down some suitable arms to put onto the Mechanics (Plague Monks). I want them to be carrying something akin to tools of the trade, so hammer seem the best way to go. I’m pretty sure the Empire Knightly Orders boxed set comes with some armoured right arms with hammers, for the Knights of the White Wolf. I’m going to have to see if they have any spare at Gamers Guild. Otherwise, I’ll have to sort something else out.

Any suggestions as to good man sized right arms that could be considered to be carrying ‘trade tools’ as weapons?

Bring the burn


Today yielded progress with the Warpfire Thrower and the Globadier. I still need to do a highlight of Vermin Fur on the base Bestial Brown areas of their fur. Also, the ropes need a highlight too. So far I haven’t been impressed by Devlan Muds effect on the Bestial Brown. I might go down to Gamers Guild tomorrow and buy some Bedab Black, or something. As it is, the fur doesn’t really punch the way I want it to.

Queens birthday



The Queens Birthday holiday here today, so I celebrated by basing some of my test Skaven and undercoating them. I’ll start work on them tomorrow, hopefully.