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Advance Disorder

Exciting and puzzling news from Games Workshop. As you probably already know, a bunch of Skaven items are available for Advance Order. Exciting, because Skaven stuff is awesome. Puzzling, because of the timing. Less than a week from Christmas Day, and they decide to put these into Advance Order? To me that just seems like shooting yourself in the foot. Hasn’t everyone already spent a tonne of money? The only retail business I really see get done at thisĀ  time of the year is the mark down sales that are on. And these models are definitely not marked down.

One can only hope there is reason to their madness.

I’m in two minds about the Hell Pit Abomination. It looks like such a dynamic and grotesque model, which are both obvious positives. However, it just doesn’t feel like the monster described in the Army Book. Don’t get me wrong, it is an impressive model, but it doesn’t make me want to go out and buy it.

As the internet has been saying for I don’t know how long, the Plagueclaw Catapult and Warplightning Cannon are a duel kit. Conceptually it sounds like a great idea, but in execution it leaves a lot to be desired. Rather than do both choices well, or even one choice better than the other, both builds seem lacklustre. The Warplightning Cannon build seems too thin and weedy, the bulk of the contraption being the framework. It just doesn’t look as deadly, or as unreliable, as it should.

The Plagueclaw Catapult build is a little better, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Most glaringly, why isn’t the Skaven crewing it a Plague Monk? Wasn’t that the point of the Plagueclaw Catapult, that Clan Pestilens had its own war machine? And while I know you can paint the stone whatever colour you want, why is it painted to be a piece of Warpstone? Surely the material that your civilisation runs on, the crux of your empire, shouldn’t be diminished to a simple counter-weight?

Ikit Claw looks awesome. Easily one of the best Skaven models now. You know a guys a badass when even his tail is armoured.

On the other hand, Tretch is a little disappointing. As a model it is pretty good, nice balance and pose. But this just isn’t how I imagined Tretch to look. Firstly, he is essentially a special Clanrat, so should have a little more armour on him. Also, both the Army Book and the Advanced Orders page talk about him having daggers. So why is he carrying a flail and a… whatever that is? Like I said, a good model, but a little disappointing for who it is supposed to be.

The Doom-flayer look pretty nice. I am especially impressed that they managed to fit it onto the cavalry base. The machine itself looks perfect, a compact ball of blades and spikes. I’m a little dubious about what the Skaven at the bottom is doing. Is he supposed to be holding it up, or is he just some kind of guard or assistant? Hopefully having the actual model in hand would better explain what exactly is going on.

So while I like the machine itself, the driver is terribly poor. Games Workshop have been doing so much right with the look of the Skaven lately, but this pilot just ignores all that. This is doubly disappointing when the Doomwheel driver is so good. We know they can produce the model, they just haven’t.

However the Warp-grinder looks excellent. I like the way the warpstone device resembles a dill, even though it is closer to a laser in operation. Of particular note is the three wires attached to conductors on the end of the warp-grinder. This mimics the same makeup on the Doomwheel. To fiction nuts like me, this cements the technology in some kind of reality.

Cards. If you are into cards, get them. Or else, you know, use a bookmark.

Of everything on the Advance Orders, this is a must have for me. Doubtlessly it will help to no end with Skavenblight Gazette.

Command & Conquer: Warpstone Sun

Apparently ancient computer game names as post titles results in hits! Anyway…

Added the details onto the miniatures. Painted a design onto the Battle Standard, as well as added warpstone lights to the machines. I also made both the Warlords hand weapons look ‘magical’, using thin watered down layers of Emerald Green and Amethyst Purple.

This is the Warlord glued onto the War-Litter.

And the Warlord on foot, with his shield attached.

Command and conquer

Something fairly straight forward today.

Put the Mithril Silver and Khemri Brown layers onto the latest batch of miniatures I’m painting. A layer of Elf Flesh followed this.

Next comes the Emerald Green layer.

Ropes, belts and pouches were picked out in Snakebite Leather. A Devlan Mud wash was applied to the flesh areas, with a Bedab Black wash over everything else.

Then, a layer of Flesh wash to create rust, followed by a Dheneb Stone stone layer onto all the teeth, claws and bone items. Everything was topped off with highlights to the Khemri Brown areas, as well as the Emerald Green areas.

With this base level of application done I can begin to start work on the details.

Chip on the shoulder

Managed to squeeze some time in on the Warlord today. Greenstuffed his shoulders, as well as the rips on the chest. It is a little uneven, but I have to do one more layer over this one to get the right shape, so I am not quite so fussed.

I also decided to start adding in the addition parts, so when I do the next round of greenstuff I can start fixing up these bits as well. Glued the head on first.

Followed by the backpack and shoulder armour. The armour is from the Bretonnian Knight of the Realm box, with some imperfections added for detail.

I also added greenstuff to the join of the Warp-grinder. This simple conversion is very near completion.