The Campaigner

My little project that has kept me away has progressed into its next phase. This means I have something to show you!

Yes, as if putting together a webzine wasn’t enough, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and start production on a fully fledged print publication. So far I have cleared the first couple of hurdles. Those being, deciding to embark on this foolish endeavour, and then setting up the ground work to build on.

This has meant finding a printing and distribution system, deciding on a name, registering URLs, securing web space and a host of other fun little setup jobs. But things are progressing now.

The interim website is up, while the fully fledged site is in development. You can get onto there and read a little about what The Campaigner is going to be about, and what it hopes to accomplish.

Don’t be worried, though. This in no way means the end of Inane Courage. The content blackout may continue for a short while longer, while I get The Campaigner up and running. But I assure you, I will be back with the usual dubious quality content.



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