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Incremental progress

Just a short one today.

Metal layer onto the Jezzails. They are progressing fairly quickly, which is nice. I’m still trying to rustle up a game against someone so I can give this new edition a run.

Something to hide behind

Finally, I have started painting my Jezzails.

As with the rest of my Skaven, I started with a drybrush of Bestial Brown over a black undercoat.

I then went back over the metal areas with Black, followed by a layer of Khemri Brown on the clothing and base.

You might also remember that a few month back I went to a Warmachine¬† ‘Veterans & Noobs’ Tournament, where I scored a $30 voucher for Infinity Games. I traded that in today for a box of Vampire Count Crypt Ghouls. The plan is to use these guys as Gutter Runners. Skaven heads should go onto the bodies easily enough. It is just the arms that I am going to have issues with.

I want my Gutter Runners to appear to be a tunneling team, hence the stooped posture (more stooped, for a Skaven). I can swap the arms easily enough, but I’m not too sure what to swap them with. I’d like them to have digging tools of some description, but there is certainly nothing in my bits box that looks remotely like it could do the job.

Suggestions are appreciated.



With the Plague Monks/Mechanics new arms stuck on, I filled in the little gaps and whatnot. While that dried, I based them as well as the Jezzail team, a Stormvermin and a metal Clanrat. The small space left on the Jezzails base is for the gunner. He is going to be painted separately. They should all be dry by tomorrow, so I can undercoat them in the morning and hopefully make a start on them later in the afternoon.

That pile of red tubes on the right is a piece of cargo I am building for a Gnoblar to carry.