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Managed to make a dent in the Globadiers today. Not much of one, though.

I measured each models tubing, clipped to size, and glued them in. After they have dried I can start painting them. Sweet, sweet progress!

While I was at it, I also added the tubing to the weapon teams I had already finished. While the Ratlng Guns tubing hasn’t been painted, I got a layer of Emerald Green onto the Warpfire Throwers tube.

I also managed to finish highlighting the cloth on my Clanrats, and also did some rust detailing on the metal areas. Next I will have to highlight the green cloth, followed by the fur and flesh areas.

Those in charge step forward


Work has started on the Chieftain and the Warlock Engineer. At the moment I have just done the Bestial Brown base along with a layer of Elf Flesh.

The overall colour scheme will be pretty much the same as the weapon teams and the Globadier, though I do intend to introduce a bit more green to the characters. For instance, I think the back banner of the Chieftain will have a large green clan logo, and possibly one of the shoulder guards of his armour will be green. The Warlock Engineer I am not so sure about. I was thinking the plate in the centre of his chest could be green, with a reversed clan logo. I think green should also be worked into the Warp Blades too.

Basically the intention is to use some smatterings of string colour to make the characters pop out from the surrounding horde.




Speaking of which, the surrounding horde!

I still have to glue the piping onto the Warpfire Thrower and Ratling Gun, but apart from this I am pretty happy with how they have turned out. In fact, I am especially happy with the paint job on the Warpfire Thrower device itself.

Now I have to track down some suitable arms to put onto the Mechanics (Plague Monks). I want them to be carrying something akin to tools of the trade, so hammer seem the best way to go. I’m pretty sure the Empire Knightly Orders boxed set comes with some armoured right arms with hammers, for the Knights of the White Wolf. I’m going to have to see if they have any spare at Gamers Guild. Otherwise, I’ll have to sort something else out.

Any suggestions as to good man sized right arms that could be considered to be carrying ‘trade tools’ as weapons?

Fire at will


Yet more Ratling Gun done. In fact, apart from a few little highlights that need adding on, I think it is finished. One model down, a million to go!

Steady the guns


This is where the Ratling Gun is at today. Certainly taking shape.

I have painted the cloth Khemri Brown and the metal Chainmail and Tin Bits. I then did a wash of Devlan Mud over the whole thing. This is the first time I have used Devlan Mud, and I was expecting a little more punch from it. But it did a really nice job on the flesh, giving it a subtle dirty look.  I then highlighted the Tin Bits with Burnished Gold, and did a layer of Dhened Stone over the Khemri Brown. I also highlighted the flesh with Elf Flesh.

I think the Chainmail is going to need a wash of… something. I’m not sure. At the moment it is just a little too sparkly. I plan to give the model another wash with Devlan Mud and then add some more highlights. I also have to get a hold of some Graveyard Earth so I can try it on the base.

Ready the guns


I have made a start on one the Ratling Gun. At the moment there is only Bestial Brown and Elf Flesh. I’ll paint on the Chainmail and Tin Bits next. After that, I’ll do some highlighting to help separate the clothes and the fur. Then I’ll have a go with a new pot of Devlan Mud that I bought. I can’t wait to give the new washes a go.

Queens birthday



The Queens Birthday holiday here today, so I celebrated by basing some of my test Skaven and undercoating them. I’ll start work on them tomorrow, hopefully.

Say hello to my little friend



Today I made a start on the Ratling Gun. The Empire Pistoliers box comes with three handy gatling gun looking weapons, so I am using one of these as the base for the Ratling Gun itself. I have had to use a Skaven flail arm for the left arm, as the set arms that usually attach to the gatling gun are attached to a cape. This required that I cut a section of the Skaven left arm away, so that the wrist joined up with the hand holding the gatling gun. Only a little filling will be required to the area where the arm connects to the body.

I decided to have the partner for the Ratling Gun holder carrying some kind of power source to the weapon. This has been made from a small unit off of the back wheel strut of an Ork Mega Gargant. I drilled two holes into the power pack, as well as into the Ratling Gun itself. Between these I’ll use some wire to create power cables. The Clanrat carrying the power pack will have his arms stuck on so it looks like he is holding the pack on his back.

Cavalry bases are thin on the ground at the best of times, but I remembered that I had the base from the High Elf Mage left over from another project. I’m going to use this as the base for the Ratling Gun.

So I am about halfway through the experimental designs for the troops. Nightrunners and Gutter Runners are giving me some grief, I’m not too sure how to slot them into the theme yet. The ability of the Gutter Runners to tunnel makes me thing they would slot into some kind of Survey Team role quite well. Approximating their standard equipment to this might be a bit tricky, though.