Deep below the ground, around the dungeons and cells of Grey Seer Krittik’s lair, screams echoed. Most were the low moans of the dying, the shrieks of the tormented and the gibbering of the mad. But one scream rose above them all. It’s constant, agonising persistence piercing the walls and burrowing into the souls of every living thing that heard it.

While most within the prison cried out from injuries given to them by the cruel guards or insane torture devices, this prisoner lay untouched. There was no need to inflict pain on this being, as every waking moment was torture. Every breath it took brought suffering. Everything it touched felt like the stabbing of knives.

None felt glad to be in Krittik’s prison, but all thanked the Horned Rat they were not this wretch of agony, this being of constant suffering, the Warlock Engineer known as Brink Vagrant.

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