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Elite on the street


Stormvermin, I choose you!

I slogged through the Stormvermin today and finished them off. My, aren’t they magnificent. A musician is conspicuously absent, but I’ll have to track one of the newer metal ones down. The older version just didn’t fit in.


I’m really pleased with how they look, especially the champion and standard bearer in the first rank. And so the horde grows!

While painting I knocked over the latest episode of Podhammer. They (mostly) talked Psychology, which is an interesting and important part of the Warhammer system. Thankfully the in-jokes and needless song interludes were at a significantly diminished level from last episode. Though I think this is largely due to there only being two people on the podcast this episode. As the guests increase, so does the useless drivel.

Red ring of defeat


It is a sad, sad day. My Xbox 360 red ringed last night, so I had to box it up and sent it off to where ever to be repaired.

That meant I didn’t have anywhere near as many distractions as I do normally, and got through quite a bit of painting my Stormvermin. I only have some highlighting to do, and then they are all ready for battle. I’m quite excited!

I was also at Gamer Guild today, and one of the owners gave me a little peek at their promotional catalogue of the new skaven stuff. Largely it is the stuff everyone has seen, but there were some nice close up images of the new models that I hadn’t seen before. The troop descriptions also made some good indications about how they would work now. For instance, looks like Ratling Guns roll to hit now.

Weekend warriors


Over the weekend I’ve managed to make quite a dent in the progress of the Stormvermin. All the base colours have been laid down, bar some detailing on the standard bearer.

The time spent on them so far has been quite minimal, but they are looking pretty good. Of all the models that will need painting, I pretty much assumed these would be the quickest. They are mostly metal and black with flesh and green sections on them. Metal in particular doesn’t take much work to look good. Just a coat of Mithril Silver, a Badab Black wash, and some Mithril Silver highlights and job done.

Turn three of the UnderDark Campaign finished earlier today. It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes. Most of our faction has put some troops behind one particular player so they can push through a weak spot of the Chosen. If they make it through, they will be menacing not only one of the Chosens warrens, but be mighty close to their base node. Hopefully this will force the Chosen to start making some tough decisions, as at the moment their ride has been pretty easy.

Back in black


I have managed to do quite a bit on the Stormvermin over the last couple of days. All the base areas of metal, Tin Bits and flesh are painted. Next I’ll add the green, brown and then touch up the black. What follows will be some washes, highlights, and more washes. Then some more highlights.

Yesterday I pre-ordered the Skaven Army Book from Games Workshop. I’m all excited now. I’m particularly keen on the new Screaming Bell and Doomwheel models. Awesome!

Lastly, the newest issue of Word of Hashut came out today. You should check it out. I’ll review it some time in the next couple of days.

Hit the ground running


Again, a day off. I like having a day off during the week. I should have it written into my contract.

I should get a contract.

So today I based the Stormvermin regiment. I’m just waiting for them to dry and then I can basecoat them, ready for painting.





Also as promised, a more detailed ‘360’ view of the Stormvermin unit filler.


Basing the Stormvermin didn’t take long, so I also started work on more of the slaves. Here there is mostly gnoblars with gnoblar heads, but a few I stuck Clanrat heads onto. There are still five gnoblars outstanding, as well as the unit fillers that will require work.

A slave to the ratman


Work is a bit slow at the moment, so I got today off. I spent it wisely, though, working on the skaven army and going to see the GI Joe movie with my brother.

The first thing I did was work on the Stormvermin unit filler. I glued the rat rider to the base the other day, so today I added a bit of Miliput to the joins to create a smoother transition between the ridden rats moulded base and the slottabase. Once this is dry I can apply the basing material to this and the rest of the Stormvermin.


I made a start on the slaves today too. I have decided that they will be a mix of goblins, humans and skaven. The goblins and skaven will make up the bulk of the troops, while there will only be a few humans scattered about the units.

Primarily, for the humans, I am using zombie parts. These are three ‘standard’ slaves. The one without a base I plan to put onto a unit filler.


Here I cut the hand weapons away from the right arms of these zombies and drilled their hands out. I have then glued in a frame, wire for the left one and a paper clip for the right one, to sculpt onto. The plan is to give both of these guys sacks or bags that they carry.


And this is the final four human slaves. These guys are carrying large… things. Yeah, ok, I don’t know what exactly they are carrying. Then again, I doubt they themselves or their skaven masters know what they are carrying either. What is transported on the Warprail is a mystery!

I had to cut away some of the nobs that the arms slotted into to give the appearance of being behind their backs. The cargo is made primarily from diodes from an old computer part, with the fellow at the front on the right carrying a part from my old hobby knife.

Next I’ll start working on the goblin slaves. They are going to be slightly more difficult.

Ride! My small, furry one


Today I worked a little on my Stormvermin unit filler. It’s not going to be too complex, just something interesting to break the unit up a bit.

I cut a tab sized hole into a monster base and glued in one of my classic metal Stormvermin. I also drilled two small holes into the monster base, where the next model will attach.


I’m going to use this old Inquisition ‘rat rider’ as part of my filler. I’m going to pin the rider into the saddle, and pin the rat onto the monster base. Here I have drilled the hole for pinning the rider into the saddle.



And here I have inserted the pins. Once they are dried I’ll glue the rat to the base, and then glue the rider on.



Had the day off work today, so I spent most of it working on my skaven.

Popped over to Gamers Guild and picked up twelve armoured arms with hammers, for my Plague Monks/Mechanics. I cleaned them, and glued the arms and heads on. I also glued on a gong, to be their musician. After I have finished working on their other arms I will begin work on the unit filler.


This is the units standard bearer. He is too top heavy at the moment, so I will have to counter-balance him with something. As it is, he just topples forward if left unassisted.


I also glued the arms to my Stormvermin. Since they aren’t going to need any conversion work, I can make a start on their unit filler. After this is done, I can base them all and get started on painting them.

Things that slice, hit and shoot


Finished up painting the models I was currently working on today, finally. Between a visiting 10 year old, a birthday and work I am surprised I managed to slip a couple of hours in to finish these guys off.

So these two are the Stormvermin and Clanrat. I am very happy with the Stormvermin, he armour is looking really nice, the Badab Black wash has worked a treat. It really dulls the shine down and gives it a ‘less-than-new’ appearance. The green shoulder pad is working fairly well, though I think I might have to go over it with another layer of green again. Some of the metal highlighting has obliterated too much of it.

The Clanrat is looking pretty good, certainly a scheme that will be acceptable with multiple blocks of 25 or so on the board.  I’ll apply the clan colour of green to the command models, and probably a select few troopers. That should be enough to tie them into the clan.


Here we have the Jezzail. I am quite happy with this too. Rather than apply the clan green to the clothing I have painted the clan symbol in green onto the pavise.


Lastly we have the Plague Monks/Mechanics. Painted up they look really good. The prominent use of Rotting Flesh on the clothing, as well as the basic Plague Monk body, should help to easily identify these as Plague Monks. I was a little concerned initially that the Mechanics might end up looking too much like the rest of the army, and opponents would have trouble distinguishing the troops types apart. But I think this reinforces my concept and shows that making the troops easily recognisable for what they are will work.

Now these guys are painted I can spend some time working on the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader as well as the Clanrat Slave/Loader. I don’t think much has to be done to the Gnoblar to have him ready for service, but I am uncertain how long the Rat Ogre is going to take. To be honest, while I like the arcane-tech look, I am not very good at constructing it. Of all the troops reassignments, the Rat Ogres are the one I am mos concerned about. They are either going to look really awesome, or really out of place.

Time will tell.

You dirty rat


Spent some of today progressing the painting. Badab Black and Devlan Mud washes have been added, as has some sections of Tin Bitz. Then I have to paint the highlights and do another wash.

I like how the Rotting Flesh is working out, I’m glad I gave it a go.  The Stormvermin is also looking really good, I like how he is turning out.

Listened to Podhammer Episode 48 while I painted. I am a big fan of Podhammer, but the episodes are starting off a little slow lately. There is almost 30 minutes of useless, inane chatter that references obscure events and runs off of in-jokes. It’s disappointing to see that the podcast isn’t tightening up and becoming more punchy, but just blowing out and becoming more confusing.

Once they got to it, I liked the tournament talk. It’s good to hear what other players have been up to, and how they react to different situations in a tournament environment.

Hopefully I can get some more of the Skaven done this week, though I doubt that will happen. It is apparently going to be full on at work this week, and on top of this, we have Linda’s twelve year old nephew coming around for three days while he’s on school holidays. If I’m lucky, I might be able to slot some Warhammer in, but it seems unlikely.