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The manor of highlighting

Spent some time painting the manor this weekend. Put on the base layers of dark brown and dark grey. I also created a highlight for both these colours, adding white to the base dark paints. On the palette, and when applied to the building, it looked great. But coming back a couple of hours later when it had dried the effect just wasn’t there. The tonal difference between the shades had all but disappeared.

No problem, though. I will just have to make a slightly stronger mix next time. If anything, it will just mean the building has a lot of very subtle shading and highlighting. Just not intentional subtly.

I also finished stripping the rest of the metal miniatures. Once dry I put them into basic piles. Going clockwise from the centre left we have a bunch of Wood Elf miniatures, a Dwarf Engineer, Vampire Counts pieces (mainly giant bats), the enemy character models from the Warhammer Quest expansion Lair of the Orc Lord, a couple of 40k guys, bases, random bits, and in the centre ancient Chaos Warrior parts.

They have all been dumped into plastic zip-lock bags, and are awaiting inspiration to hit.


Gumbo anyone?

It has been a while since I did this. You can’t beat the classics, though. Everyone loves redirecting traffic to other sites.

Away we go!

I have recently been particularly taken by the ‘Born on a bayou‘ Wood Elf army being built by Laughing Ferret on the Warhammer Forum. There is just something about its concept that is so simple, and yet so compelling.

Not only is it visually interesting, but it neatly fits in with the Wood Elf mythos. While Athel Loren is the mainstream pop version of the Wood Elves, there have always been little hints and references to other hidden, nature dwelling elf-kin. While the idea behind scattered elf communities isn’t new, I had never put the obvious environmental questions forward. They can’t all live in magically enchanted forests, friends with the tree spirits and whatnot. So how do the ‘other’ Wood Elves live?

And I think this army is a perfect example of how you can create characterful and original armies while still maintaining a strong connection to the established Warhammer background. And there are those who say it can’t be done!