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OzHammer brings the beef

It arrived today, my order from OzHammer. Initial thoughts are positive, the box is quite sturdy and it is addressed correctly. Always a positive in my books.

Opening the package up I find it is well packed. Air bags have been used to bulk out the extra space, which is better than letting the thing rattle around inside.

And the correct product is included. Also a big positive. It is shrink wrapped, so safe to assume it is a brand new box.

Now, let’s get technical.

This box of Minotaurs when bought from Games Workshop Australia costs AUD$74.00. At the local game shop they offer 10% off of Games Workshop products, which is roughly AUD$67.00 for the box. Bought through OzHammer using PayPal, this box comes to AUD$46.23.

Because I am such a big shot war game blogger and all, Rob at OzHammer offered me free shipping. Now, even when taking shipping into account, that still brings this box of Minotaurs to well below the AUD$67.00 mark.

The order was placed on 23 September and confirmed the next day. It was then posted out to me on 25 September, arriving today 4 October. That is a little over a week. Rob kept me informed of the orders progress throughout the process, which was a nice touch.

Obviously this service has its pros and cons. On the cost side it is substantially cheaper than the regular channels of buying in Australia. In fact, I believe this is the first Games Workshop product I have bought in at least a year. Also OzHammer handles its invoicing through PayPal, which means you aren’t handing your credit card information out to a complete stranger. Admittedly, you are using a partial stranger as an intermediary to a complete stranger, but that is another conversation all together.

Obviously there is a wait time, so this isn’t for products you absolutely have to have ‘right now’. Also, it does mean bypassing the local game store, which is not something I always promote. I like to support my game shops, god knows, they support me enough. But OzHammer seems like a nice auxiliary service, something to use in conjunction with local retail spending.

So far my experience with this service is very good. I don’t like to push commercial stuff like this too hard, but I would be really interested to see some other people order some items from this and see what their thoughts are.

All in all, though, this is a very reliable and transparent operator that is trying to keep the war gaming good times going. In the very least it is worth checking it out.


Dead avine in the hand

Figured I would kill two birds with one stone. A stone made of plastic, that was bought over the internet.

I wanted some new Minotaur models for my Warhammer Quest project. So I decided to give OzHammer a go and see what it is all about. Full breakdown of the experience once the models arrive, but so far very quick and easy.

Some of the decisions, and the problems that these create, in the Warhammer Quest project I will discuss another time.


Spent this weekend finishing off the first issue of The Campaigner. But we will talk about that another time.

A site was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago, and I have only just begun to follow it up. As usual, I am prompt and swift in my news!

Let me be completely transparent here. It was the site owner who alerted it to me. He is trying to get the word out about his site. Take that information however you will.

This site is called OzHammer, and it sports the catchy tagline “UK princes for All”. I’ll give you the elevator pitch version. Australians and New Zealanders can order Games Workshop merchandise from OzHammer at (or at least very close to) the UK pricing.

Sounds too good to be true?

Honestly, I don’t know at the moment.

The website explains the basics of how this can be achieved. So pop onto there and read up on this brave new world of e-commerce.

As I still possess a tiny shred of integrity, I can’t just champion OzHammer off the cuff. However, I do intend to order some items very soon, so I will keep you updated on this adventure.

In the meantime, at least check the site out and see what you think.