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Picked a winning colour

Unsurprisingly, the Emerald Green I bought some ten years ago is no longer part of the Citadel Colour range. The closest colour is Snot Green. Charming.

But it does allow me to make progress on my Clanrat spearmen. Snot Green and Mithil Silver layers applied. Finally, the Clanrats are back into production!

Feeling green

Got the Elf Flesh layer onto the spear armed Clanrats this weekend.

I also managed to get the Khemri Brown layer onto their clothes and bases too. I did run into a problem, though, with the next colour I usually apply.

My Emerald Green has finally given up the ghost. Even adding some water to it did little, instead yielding a gluggy sludge that did a terrible job of coverage. As the above picture demonstrates.

There it is, a gelatinous mess. It hasn’t done too bad, though. I have been using this Emerald Green for something like five years. It has certainly gone the distance.

Thus came the scheme apocalypse

Finished off the batch of Clanrats with hand weapons. Used Emerald Green mixed with a little Skull White to highlight the green cloth. Bestial Brown was used to highlight the fur, while the same Bestial Brown with a little white added was used to highlight the weapon shafts. Flesh Wash was blotched onto the metal areas to create stains and rust. All this was capped off with the teeth and toes getting a thin layer of Dheneb Stone, and a spot of Blood Red on the eyes.

Overall I am happy with how they came out. Each model is hardly  a masterpiece, but they look great as a group, which is the main effect I was going for. Now to decide if I want to go straight into the Clanrats with spears, or take a break with something else.

I now proclaim this Schemetober

Schemetober. I think it could catch on.

Emerald Green and Snakebite Leather onto the Clanrats today, followed by a Devlan Mud wash on the skin and Bedab Black wash everywhere else. All that is left now is to add the highlights, and we have twenty-eight more Clanrats to send to their deaths!

Schemes on top of schemes

I”m really pushing this scheme based post title thing.

Over the weekend I finished putting down all the basic, base colours. Since I didn’t have a chance to go out and pick up some more Elf Flesh I decided to try to push what I have to the limit. I scraped the slightly gunky, wet pieces clinging to the sides into the centre of the pot and added small amounts of water until it reached a consistency I was happy with. Using this I did two thin layers of Elf Flesh onto the Clanrats. This was followed by Khemri Brown onto any clothing or rags, as well as on the bases.

With this all on the next stage is adding the customary green areas, and detailing and highlighting. Overall I am quite happy with how these guys are coming along, and how little time (relitavely) it is taking me to do them.

Scheming continues

Normally I hate spring and summer, and daylight saving. I have been saving daylight for almost thirty years. When will I just get to use some?

One thing this time of year has going for it, though, is that it gets darker later. Which means I can get more painting done (call me an artistic snob, but I like painting in natural sunlight). So today I took another whack at my Clanrats, finishing the Mithril Silver layers and getting Elf Flesh onto fourteen models.

I did discover today that I am in dire need of some new Elf Flesh. It is currently sitting in weird, solid clumps at the bottom of the pot with a look and texture not unlike a good cheese. Except cheese never dilutes well, or goes evenly onto a miniature.

Or so I am led to believe.

Taking a break from plotting to do some scheming

Lately my free time has been divided between a number of endeavours, one of which I posted the other day on The Trading Post. Feel free to hop on there and lambast me about it. My other time sinks have mainly been editing Skavenblight Gazette content, and working on a special project. So special that I don’t dare mention anything about it, for fear of my brilliant idea being stolen and developed before I can implement it.

I did decide to put those aside today, however, and spend a couple of hours on my Clanrats. Only really basic stuff today, though. To preserve my sanity I decided to focus on the hand weapon armed Clanrats first.

As always, an initial layer of Bestial Brown over the black undercoat.

Followed by Mithril Silver on the metal areas. I only managed to make it through eighteen Clanrats before I ran out of time. To get to this point took me around four hours, doing both the Bestial Brown and Mithril Silver stages.  Hopefully I can get back to them relatively soon.

The sand between your claws

All the Clanrats assembled yesterday have been based. This took me little over an hour, while it took about four hours for the PVA glue to dry. As of this moment the 28 Clanrats with hand weapons have been undercoated. I have work tomorrow, but hopefully when I get home there will be enough light so that I can do the spear armed Clanrats.

Some of the more astute readers may have noticed the sparse posting between my birthday and the last couple of days. I wish I could say that I have been hard at work, or suffering grave illness. But neither is the case. In fact, I have pretty much not worked a single day in the last week, and am in perfect health. What I have been doing, though, if slogging my way through Dead Rising 2. I loved the first Dead Rising, and this sequel does a lot right. It also does a lot wrong, but my lust for digital bashing of the undead hordes overcomes any problems the game may present.

For the record, I am a big fan of the Tenderiser.

The rats of the clan

It the first real Spring weather we have had here, so I have eschewed the Warhammer in favour of attacking the overgrown garden. And when I say ‘I’, I mean my girlfriend has decided that I will. Today I did get to make a dent in some of my birthday Skaven, though.

The Island of Blood and standard Clanrats are mixed together. I’m keen to give spears a try now, so here we have 28 Clanrats made up with hand weapons.

While I made 30 with spears. The Clanrats with hand weapons will be added into the existing 60 or so Clanrats I already have. This, with three sets of command, should give me plenty of wiggle room army list wise.

Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow to base this guys, and perhaps even get an undercoat onto them.

One more thing. You should go check out The Trading Post. I have been added as an official contributor, which I suppose means, they want me to write something for them some time soon. Ideally I’d like to write something targeted towards the ‘blog hub’ aspect, but we will see what my jaded, synical mind can muster.


Managed to make a dent in the Globadiers today. Not much of one, though.

I measured each models tubing, clipped to size, and glued them in. After they have dried I can start painting them. Sweet, sweet progress!

While I was at it, I also added the tubing to the weapon teams I had already finished. While the Ratlng Guns tubing hasn’t been painted, I got a layer of Emerald Green onto the Warpfire Throwers tube.

I also managed to finish highlighting the cloth on my Clanrats, and also did some rust detailing on the metal areas. Next I will have to highlight the green cloth, followed by the fur and flesh areas.