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I promise this isn’t becoming a computer game blog

Haven’t had much time to do anything Warhammery in the last couple of days. Mostly it has been places to go, people to see, though I did wedge in a half dozen multiplayer matches of Dawn of War 2 this afternoon. The multiplayer component is slightly different to the single player, but thats not a bad thing. It definitely has some interesting to-and-fro aspects to it. It’s not like Age of Empires where whomever builds the larger army first wins. There is some definite tactics of knowing when and how to attack, as well as falling back, letting areas go, and stuff like that. I’m keen to try this game out some more. It is odd seeing Tyranids and Space Marines working together, though.


Facepunch hit Rank 30 the other day, and so I finally decided to start another character. While Facepunch certainly has a long way to go Rank wise, he is certainly a highly advanced character, and there is some of the earlier game I haven’t seen. So I started a Sorceress, Lavendar, and got her to Rank 6 within a couple of hours. It’s an interesting class, some very powerful spells and a push over in combat.

It’s interesting that it is 80% faster to get into a scanario with my new character, where as Facepunch can be waiting literally an hour to get into one sometimes. I’d like to explore WAR some more, but my continued journey into poverty has made WAR one of my first cutbacks. So I’ll have to cancel my subscription to WAR for now and hopefully pick it up again very soon. It’s a shame, but I’ll certainly capture some more time for painting!


Aqua Dragon, submerge!


Remember these guys!?

Since my Bretonnians are nearing some kind of completion I figured it was time to get this other lot of miniatures into the stripper. I plan to work on the Skaven next, but a tight financial situation means that I am planning on being a lot more economical than I originally intended. There are some Zombie pieces in this box that could contribute to a slave unit or two, as well as various other pieces that may come in handy.

This box only just fit into the paint can. The dragon takes up a bit of room. I have basically put the dragon in first, and then dropped in miniatures around it, shaking the can every so often in the hopes that this will help some settle in the gaps. When I had put the entire box in there was about 20mm sticking above the surface. Adding the rest of the Simple Green sorted this out.

As most of these are just miscellaneous miniatures I have collected over the years, there is no rush to get them all out and stripped in a certain time frame. I’ll just do then as I feel the urge to.

In regard to my Bretonnians, I spent the last couple of days finishing off basing the 40-odd miniatures that needed it. I also have been working on the Battle Standards horse, which is nearing completion. After that is done, only 3 Knight of the Realm, 2 Knight Errant and 2 Damsels remain. I also have the second Damsel to convert, and I have a spare Pegasus to make a Pegasus mounted Paladin with, and I want to add a Trebuchet, but the army is edging towards some kind of a finished stage.


Two of my mates, Jarryd and Brad, splashed out an bought me this. Dawn of War 2. Nice fellas, yeah?

I assume it’s because Brad is all up in the Dawn of War 2 at the moment, he’s like that. Time for Dawn of War 2, but no time for WAR. Figures. It’s all those lasers he is shooting himself in the head with, I bet.

Somehow I doubt this will urge me onto getting a 40k army, though I must admit, the Orks have had some really sweet kits released recently. But I have far too much self control to just go out and buy a new army. Self control, and no money. Which helps, too.

But back to the game.

It’s actually pretty good. I have played through about 5 missions so far, and the control system seems pretty intuitive. It took me a little while to figure out what all the little icons meant, and what certain abilities and weapons did, but after some practise I think I have got a hold of the basics. I’m not sure exactly how the cover system works, though. You are supposed to be able to send your troops towards cover, and they use it to hide behind. But sometimes you send troops towards what is pretty much a wall directly in front of an enemy, and some marines will stand on the opposite side, the side with no cover!

I can only assume that clicking on the cover provides them with the cover, regardless of if they are actually behind it  relative to the enemy or not. Otherwise, they have managed to program some pretty stupid troop AI. Another thing that seemed odd was the my Devestators walked faster than my Tactical Marines. Surely the Devestators should be the slow, ponderous ones?

So overall I am quite enjoying the game. I’m looking forward to trying out some multiplayer matches, as well as playing some of the other races in the single player campaign.