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Another Rat Ogre ready for service

Finished off the Rat Ogre with a smattering of Flesh Wash to make rust, followed by Mithril Silver highlights. A couple of small details, like some rivets and smaller plates, were given a coat of Burnished Gold, to create a more patchwork appearance to the metal areas. This was all finished off with a highlight to the green areas, using a mixture of Goblin Green with a little Skull White added.

I also decided to make a start on painting my converted Assassin, as well as the Warlock Engineer, Warpfire Thrower and Plague Wind Mortar from Island of Blood. So far only the base colours have been done, Bestial Brown drybrushed over a black undercoat, followed by Khemri Brown, Mithril Silver, Elf Flesh and Goblin Green areas blocked in.

Still, the clan grows.

A relaxing Rat Ogre

Finally started on the third Rat Ogre. Drybrushed Mithril Silver, then Bestial Brown on the base. Once dried, Snot Green on some areas of the loader, and Khemri Brown on the base. Finally, a wash of Bedab Black was applied.

Just a nice, simple and relaxing afternoon of paint application.

Gutter group

Worked on the Gutter Runners again today. While the pathetic photo doesn’t show it very well, all the highlighting and detailing is done. All that is left is adding rust. Oh, and painting the torch. I haven’t really painted flames on anything before, so I am leaving this as its own little project.

Back at it

Back onto the painting wagon this weekend. Applied the basic base colours to the Gutter Runners. Looking forward to getting in and detailing them.

From the shadows

Another day of small triumphs.

Used greenstuff to create the missing part of the Assassins shawl, as well as his left sleeve. At the moment it looks a little like snot, but once the greenstuff has dried I can filed some of it back to give it a more consistent shape.

In the meantime I took the opportunity to base the Assassin, as well as the Warpfire Thrower, Warlock Engineer and Plague Wind Mortar.

I also decided to make a start, though minor, on the Plague Furnace. Since I will be building it entirely from scratch, I needed a base to constrain its proportions. Using twelve old 25mm slottabases I constructed an outer edge, gluing them to a piece of card. I then cut the card down to size, and filled in the holes using Milliput. The centre has a slight dip, and I am debating whether I should apply one more layer or Milliput or not. I will make a decision once I see how the body will look.

At the moment I don’t have an idea for how the Plague Furnace will look, though I have a rough concept. Rather than it being a giant censor on a chain, it is going to be an engine they swing, with ‘sprayers’ built onto the frame that will account for the gas attack.

So I know that I will need an engine, which I have taken from the Ork Trukk box and cleaned up.

I also know that I am going to use the spare Plague Furnace arm that is left over from the Screaming Bell kit. Visually this should connect the model back to the official Games Workshop version, and help clear up any confusion that might arise. So I clipped the arm from the sprue.

With the next step being removing the censor part of the piece. This was a fairly simple task, as the ball and smoke only join at a few minor points.

Now I just have to sort out what the body, and the Plague Priest, will look like.

Assassins Creed: Mechanations

A little while back I mentioned I was working on an assassin conversion. Well, I knocked most of the model off today.

These are the part I used. A Warlock Engineer body, with the left arm holding the halberd clipped off. The right arm is the punch dagger arm from the Clanrat box, while the left arm is an old Eldar powerfist I had lying around. And I mean an old powerfist. Like, dinosaurs would have seen this and thought “that’s old!”. I also have part of an Epic 40,000 Whirlwind rocket launcher, as well as the deathrolla part of an Epic 40,000 Battlewagon. Included in the picture is a holstered pistol, but that wouldn’t fit onto the model once the backpack and arms were on.

By this point I had cut a small piece of brass rod and glued it into the hole in the shoulder of the powerfist. While it probably wasn’t entirely necessary, I felt better pinning as much of the model in place. I also drilled out a hole in the left arm of the Warlock Engineer model for the pin to insert into.

I then cut the arms of the deathrolla away from the main body. A shallow hole was drilled into the base of the whirlwind rocket launcher, and a deeper one into the top left section of the deathrolla. The second small piece of brass rod  cut was glued into the hole in the whirlwind, and then glued into the deathrolla. This is going to be the Assassins backpack.

When the backpack dried I glued it onto the Warlock Engineer body. I did this before the arms, so that I could position the arms correctly without interfering with the look or placement of the backpack.

The arms were then glued on in as similar poses to each other as possible. I wanted the Assassin to have a look of purpose and confidence that belies him being laden down with tech.

Next I filled in some gaps with greenstuff, as well as created an odd… thing… at the end of a loose hose. Once this has dried I will come back and add a sleeve over the join in the left arm.

There was some greenstuff left over, so I used it to fill in the weapons teams I had glued together earlier.

Just words

No photos today. I am not game to go back outside into the shed. It is freezing and pouring with rain.

I started two new parts of my Skaven army today, a Plague Furnace and an Assassin.

Rather than convert the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace kit, I have decided to build on from scratch. So to start I have begun building a base for it, so I don’t exceed the standard unit size.  At the moment it is 12 bases, glued as a kind of ‘frame’ on a thin piece of card. There is no need to waste bases filling up the centre, I’ll just use Milliput or something to do that later.

As for the Assassin, I have opted for something different than usual.

This metal Warlock Engineer will be the base, mostly because I like his Sam Fischer-esque lens eyes. The left arm with the halberd is moulded on, so I had to cut the weapon off and clip away the remaining arm and shaft. I then have a couple of choices for arms, and will post a mockup once I have picked the ones I like.

It might sound a little odd, but I am convinced it is going to look great. And when have I ever been wrong?

Brown out

A quick one. Cable glued to the body, as well as glued the whole thing to the base. Also applied basing mixture.

I was going to start painting the Gutter Runners, and then remembered that I have run out of Bestial Brown. I would like to avoid buying Games Workshop Bestial Brown again, so anyone have suggestions on a good replacement?

Instead of painting, I decided to finally start working on some of the other Island of Blood miniatures.

Not so armless

More, and gradual, progress on the next Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader. I have decided to make this one a little different, and give it only one active arm. The other will be this, a part of an old toy that I long since forgotten the name of. It only just fit into the arm join of the Killa Kan, so I decided to hedge my bets by strengthening the attachment. I filled the hole with Milliput, and inserted a small length of brass rod. Then I drilled a hole into the machines body.

I also drilled out the end of the piece, as well as put leftover Milliput into the other hole (likely needed for casting) in the body.

Using a small piece of plastic sprue offcut, I shaved it down into a rough rock shape. This I inserted into the second Milliput filled hole, to become a warpstone power source. I also cut a length of wire from glued that into the hole I drilled into the bottom.

While that all dried I moved onto the machine. Using plasticard, armour plates from the Ork Trukk kit, and an old Space Marine Rhino handle I detailed the front and top of the body.

With everything dried, I glued the arms to the body. I also attached a couple of smoke stacks from the Killa Kan kit, cutting the spikes off to make it less Orky. Once this is all dried I will attach the other end of the wire.

Not just a skill tester

There has been a notable absence, I realise that. Sometimes the real world and building tiny men don’t always sync up terrifically.

Squeezed in some work on the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader this weekend though. Used the middle ‘dish’ section from a Mega Gargant Weirdboy Tower arm as part of the engine top section. I then glued on a rectangular piece of plasticard above it, to cover the top section.

For this model, I have decided that the Skaven pilot won’t be visible. So I built this little window for him to see out of from plasticard strips.

At the moment I am toying with just attacking one arm. This one is made from one of the Killa Kan arms, with the cut down end of a Mega Gargant Lifta Droppa arm attached. I think it is some kind of claw arm, kind of like in a skill tester.

I doubt I’ll get a chance to do any more during the week, but hopefully I can muster up an update of some substance.