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An axe in the trunk


Today’s interesting WAR scenery. Actually, it’s not really scenery, but technically a ‘prop’. None the less, I am fascinated by it. You can find these in High Elves areas, in tents mostly. As far as I can tell, it is akin to a 1950s luggage case. A large case with compartments and drawers that a traveller puts their clothes in. The drawers for small items, the larger spaces for things like jackets and suits and such. However in the Elves case, it looks like it primarily carries weapons. One would assume family heirloom type weapons, rather than just ordinary, run-of-the-mill items.

While this wouldn’t make a great piece of scenery by itself, it would certainly make a good addition to some Elf themed scenery. It also gives us an insight into Elven design and aesthetic. It seems primarily practical, with artistic flourishes thrown in to ‘pretty it up’. I suppose Elves have a function over form ethos, though obviously a bit of license it taken with elaborating on the design.

I promise this isn’t becoming a computer game blog

Haven’t had much time to do anything Warhammery in the last couple of days. Mostly it has been places to go, people to see, though I did wedge in a half dozen multiplayer matches of Dawn of War 2 this afternoon. The multiplayer component is slightly different to the single player, but thats not a bad thing. It definitely has some interesting to-and-fro aspects to it. It’s not like Age of Empires where whomever builds the larger army first wins. There is some definite tactics of knowing when and how to attack, as well as falling back, letting areas go, and stuff like that. I’m keen to try this game out some more. It is odd seeing Tyranids and Space Marines working together, though.


Facepunch hit Rank 30 the other day, and so I finally decided to start another character. While Facepunch certainly has a long way to go Rank wise, he is certainly a highly advanced character, and there is some of the earlier game I haven’t seen. So I started a Sorceress, Lavendar, and got her to Rank 6 within a couple of hours. It’s an interesting class, some very powerful spells and a push over in combat.

It’s interesting that it is 80% faster to get into a scanario with my new character, where as Facepunch can be waiting literally an hour to get into one sometimes. I’d like to explore WAR some more, but my continued journey into poverty has made WAR one of my first cutbacks. So I’ll have to cancel my subscription to WAR for now and hopefully pick it up again very soon. It’s a shame, but I’ll certainly capture some more time for painting!

That bridge is looking at me


Most of you who frequent WAR would have seen this, the Tzeentch ‘Eye Bridge’ in the Inevitable City. I like it, it’s really well designed. The triangles around the top mimic feathers, it is an inverted pyramid shape, and it burns with a mysterious fire. It kind of looks a little out of place when compared to a lot of the other architecture, though. Whats more, it is a bridge, but a bridge that you can just go around. Surely a bridge should be, you know, bridging something? As it is, you can just bypass the bridge entirely and walk on that little path that is between the bridge and the building on the right. Surely it would have made more sense to make this bridge span the gap you go over to enter the main castle?

Still, with all it’s placement faults, I like the overall style of the bridge. I don’t know how well it would go on the tabletop as a piece of Warhammer scenery, but the general ideas behind it could be harnessed to create Chaos themed buildings. Like towers and walls and such.

I have started fine tuning my Bretonnians now. I painted up some shields for the Knight Errant and glued them on today, and have painted some shields for the Questing Knights. While the Knights Errant probably won’t have some heraldry, I’m still deciding on what to put on the Questing Knights shields. After that, Grail Knight shields are next, and should be pretty easy. Fairly plain shields with an image of the Grail on them. Least fuss necessary.

Get that Dwarf


Spent some time in WAR today. Did a couple of Public Quests with Craig, a Dwarf one and a Nurgle one. For some reason the Dwarf one wasn’t recognising our kills, and after 45 minutes of gaining Renown, we decided to try another PQ. As we left, the PQ loaded up the Stage 2 scenario, obviously us leaving triggered something, so we gave the rest of it a go. We had to defend an oddly suicidal goblin ‘burna’ who was destroying Dwarf tents. He wanted us to protect him as he went about his charge, but he ran straight at the Dwarfs. Nice work, tiny.


We spent almost two hours on those two PQs, and I eventually ended up with this breastplate. It had only a marginally better armour rating and bonuses on it, but it has a cool collar. So I have to wear it. Now I need a more menacing helmet.


This is my ‘Piece of WAR scenery of the Week’. A large Dragon skeleton partially buried in the Badlands landscape. Rather than being a Dragon that has just died on the ground and been covered up over time, it looks a little like the whole skeleton was buried, but has been semi-excavated. Like someone was digging foundations for a building or mining, and they uncovered it.

There are some interesting bits of scenery in WAR, quite a few that would make interesting pieces on the tabletop.

Here in Australia there is a TV show on the ABC called The Collectors. I have occasionally watched it, but I didn’t know they had done a segment on Warhammer. While it’s nothing a Warahmmer veteran didn’t already know, it’s interesting to see the hobby on the television.

The Warhammer segment is from 2007, and you can have a look at it on YouTube.

The yeo is go


Mounted Yeomen are finished. I’m pretty happy with them, the paint job is applied nicely and they are looking really good. My only concern is that they might be a little too brown. But they are peasants, and they are defined fine, so I think it might just be that they could be a tiny bit more colourful. However, they certainly won’t overpower any of the knight units, or attract unwanted attention, so I am happy to leave them as is.


Got around to basing some of my guys, finally. I have around 40 models to base, and I did the cavalry portion of those today. The Mounted Yeomen, the Questing Knights, two of the Knight Errant and two Knights of the Realm. I now have 22 Men-at-arms to base, and that is all the finished models done.

After that, I only have two more Knights Errant, three more Knights of the Realm, the Damsel on foot and mounted and the Battle Standards horse to paint, and then I have all my Bretonnian models painted. Obviously the ‘Man from the mountains’ will need to be painted when he is finished, and I want to convert up a Paladin on Royal Pegasus, but as a whole, the army enters the stage known as ‘complete’. Though I do still have to add a Trebuchet.

I had a look at the new forum Dogs of War Online today, and downloaded their ezine Gold and Glory. I’m going to have to write up my manifesto on ezines, but here we have yet another ezine that doesn’t progress past the print magazine conventions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to see people contributing to the hobby, but as one working in the ezine medium, it’s sad when something doesn’t meet it’s full potential.

Check the website and ezine out anyway, they are well worth it. Especially if you are a Dogs of War player, but other Warhammer enthusiasts can find something to interest them.

I played WAR for a couple of hours today, after painting and basing. Have managed to get my Marauder up to Rank 27, and am now waiting on Craig’s Zealot and his mates tank character to be on at the same time. Then we can pop over and do Mount Gunbad, which looks really interesting. Lots of Goblin and Squig variations to kill. And mushrooms to collect!

Melee draws closer


So tonight I worked on the Questing Knights some more. Added in all the highlights bar for the blue areas. The command still needs some attention on the banner, and there are some metal areas that still need doing again. But as you can see, they are almost done.


There are six ‘regular’ Questing Knights in the unit, three with black horses and three with brown. The only thing I haven’t do at all on all of them is the hair, but I’m planning on doing that last. The horses also need another coat of black, to cover some of the slips from other areas.


And here we have the three on brown horses. I finished painting them all around 10pm, so thats why the photos are a little dark. To be honest, I don’t know if painting when tired is the best idea. It just seems to ripe for peril. The slip of brush by a tired hand, and there goes hours of work. Still, I am on a kind of a deadline here, so chances must be taken.


After painting, I had a run around WAR with my brother and a couple of his mates. We did a few of Public Quests, and I got to try out my sole warrior/AOE chops again. I got to say, I still have very little idea about what is going on, or what anyone is talking about, but I really like the Public Quest progressions. The Warhammer World has always interested me, and the Public Quests have these story and objective driven slants to them that really bring the world to life.

Like tonight, we slew Slannesh worshipers and Daemonettes, only to have to subsequently kill Slannesh Chosen and seal the rifts they were guarding. But this causes a larger portal to let loose a Slannesh spawn that multiplies as it is killed. It would have been so easy for Mythic to put in generic, uninteresting Public Quests, but it is apparent a lot of thought has been put into them to reflect where they are, what they are doing, and accommodate the fact that multiple people are going to be playing it.

Destruction = lag


It’s been rather hot here the last couple of days, so the painting has been slow. It’s hard to paint when it dries up on your brush before you even get to apply a stroke.

I managed to get the grey on the banner done, so they are edging towards completion. Because of this, I played some WAR instead. Joined a warband of Destruction guys, and ran into Particle, my brothers character. We took some RVR capture points, and defended one of our castles.

We came a bit unstuck when we tried to actually take a castle. Made it into the keep ok, but got stuck trying to push up the ramp. I was told that the tanks weren’t AOEing and pushing the guards back so everyone could get up. And then it started to lag. Lag really badly. I even got resurrected, only to be killed mere seconds after. And to top it all off, my respawn counter didn’t disappear when I resurrected, so when I died again, it ticked over and I respawned. So I was stuck outside, and the guy trying to run the attack got shirty. So I logged off.

The guys over at Chamber of the Everchosen (is that right?) have released another End Times ezine. You can download it here.  I have no idea why it is so big, and to be honest, I don’t know if it is worth it for the size. I keep throwing my manifesto on ezines out there, but I am largely ignored. It is a burden, being this awesome.

To arms! Men-at-arms, that is.


Spent most of my Warhammer time over the last two days working on my Men-at-arms. I’ve added most of the highlights, though I might go back through and add one more thin, lighter highlight. From a reasonable distance they are looking pretty good, and are just about ready for the next stage, that being, painting their bases, painting their shields, gluing their shields on, and then basing them. I had a little trouble painting the bases before with the shields on, so I think this way around might be sensible.



I say nearly ready for the next stage, and this is why. I’m not entirely happy with how their faces have turned out. I think the consistency of my paint may have been off, as the Flesh Wash has been almost totally obliterated by the Elf Flesh layers. They have lost a lot of the depth that I wanted. So I think I am going to have to do another flesh was, and another Elf Flesh layer. Hopefully this time it will cover right.

Once I have finished the Men-at-arms I’ll probably move on to the Questing Knights. I’m not too sure how long it will take to paint them, their are nine of them, though I want to give them a grubby scheme similar to the Grail Pilgrims.

While painting the Men-at-arms I listened to the newest episode of Podhammer. It’s the first one for the year, and it was a unprofessional as always. Don’t get me wrong, I love the podcast, but it is far from a professional piece of work. There was a dog barking in the background, and Jeff kept yelling at it. Certainly not something you would find on a high end production! They talked a little about the Lizardman rumours, but they are just that. Rumours. I generally don’t listen to the armybook rumours, as even when they are accurate, all they do is cause a ruckus on forums.

I spent a little time stripping my Skaven too. The task is nearing completion, with only 20 or 30 plastic Skaven left to do. Hopefully I get time to knock them off tomorrow some time.

Since stripping the army is almost done, I have been pondering on what direction I am going to take it in. I probably won’t really work on it until more of my Bretonnians are done, but now is as good a time as any to start tossing army themes around in my head. I have also been looking at a couple of other Skaven players projects that look like the kind of thing I would like to do.

This army by neffy looks interesting. So does this one by war-seer Kindari. They are both converting their Warlock Engineers out of plastic, which is something I would like to do. My Bretonnian army is about 99% plastic, and I would like to follow the same theme in my Skaven army. This would obviously be in expanding it, as I would like to keep the metal Stormvermin in the very least.


Gave Facepunch, my WAR character, a bit of a run the other day too. I’ve graduated to the third tier, as I turn into a chicken in tier 2 now. I’ve finally come across a bunch of Skaven, quite exciting. I also discovered that while riding my horse, if I jump onto a river at the right time, my horse can run on water. Very handy for bypassing pesky bunches of monsters. I tried to join in on a castle defence RVR, but I had never set foot in the area before and walked right into the middle of about 20 Order players. I was butchered pretty quickly.

Lastly, Games Workshop released a new Warhammer FAQ the other day. I’ve downloaded the PDF, but haven’t read through it all yet. Most of it seems… straight forward and sensible.

Line of sight

The wind whips around the lone figure, tattered and worn clothing cracking as it strikes at the breeze. Another year has passed. A year of triumphs and tragedies, and year of gains and losses. Raising its head, the figure looks to the distance. To the trials and decisions ahead. To blood and fear and glory. To a year of Warhammer.

Hello, and welcome to this thing, whatever it is.

The aim here is to basically record everything Warhammer related I do over the course of a year. I have a couple of Warhammer related projects on the go at any one time, so chances are that everyone will be able to find something half way interesting. And if not, no skin off my nose.

At the moment, this is where I stand.

I have a 2/3 finished Bretonnian army. There are 3 units still waiting to be painted, a couple of characters to still do, and a half dozen Knights Errant and Knights of the Realm that require a lick of paint. I’ll talk more in depth about these later, so save your point-and-click army accusations until then.

Skaven have been my main army for almost 15 years, but my current army is looking a little run down and dated. So I’m planning to strip the entire army and redo it entirely. Some of the existing army I should be able to reuse, while other models will probably have to be replaced. It should be an interesting project.

Still Skaven related, myself and a colleague from the UnderEmpire both work on a Skaven ezine together, Skavenblight Gazette. It looks at anything to do with Skaven, and regularly features stories, discussions, painting and modelling tutorials and many other articles, all themed around Skaven. We try and get three or four issues of this out a year, and I’ll record some of the trials and tribulations involved in it’s production. It’s free to read, so you can go there now and have a look at some of the previous issues.

Since it was released a few months back, I have been playing Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Before this, I haven’t played an MMO at all, but the lure of Warhammer is far too strong and I decided to give it a go. I’ll be talking about my adventures in this virtual world from time to time. References to AOE and similar MMO jargon will not appear, as I have no idea what they mean. There’s an enemy, I hit it. End of story.

Last year I attended my first tournament, and I quite enjoyed it. This, along with listening to Podhammer, has given me the urge to try my hand at a few more this year. It’s interesting to leave your comfort zone and play against total strangers in a more competitive environment. I’m looking forward to it, if not for the opportunity to severely flog some people I have never met before and make off with their trophy.

And lastly, there’s just all the misc stuff, like making terrain, painting models not associated with an army, friendly battles and just generally pissfarting about in the hobby.

It should be a good year.