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Slight warrior progress

This is more of an update post than anything, though some painting will appear in just a moment.

I have been hard at work putting together issue 4 of The Campaigner. I am especially eager for this to be something special, as it is the issue I will be hauling along with me to PAX Australia. It is really coming together nicely, and at 44 pages is the longest issue yet.


With that said, I pulled a half hour out of my schedule this weekend to make some slight progress with the Warhammer Quest miniatures. With the Wardancer, Pit Fighter and Witch Hunter undercoated black I applied a Bestial Brown first coat, as well as a grey to the base. At the moment I am still sorting the colours out in my head, especially with the Wardancer. It will be a challenge making him fit the dark red primary colour theme I have been utilising, while still having him look like a Wood Elf. However, I am looking forward to the challenge.

Welcome to the Year of the Skaven

A new year is upon us. 2013, which I think should unofficially be known as the Year of the Skaven. Just because.

WordPress alerted me to the fact that this is my fourth anniversary. Four years of Inane Courage. I look forward to cataloguing another four years of miniature wargame goings on, as well as continue to be met with indifferent silence. Thank you invisible and silent readers. Your patronage has not gone unnoticed!

Usually around this time I do a little breakdown of the last year. I will look at what posts were popular, fling up some stats and graphs, that kind of thing. But this year WordPress has done it all for me by compiling an Annual Report. So if numbers and market information is your thing check it out, and see that everyone still comes to Inane Courage for their Forgotten Realms and Twilight Saga info.

Happy New Year of the Skaven man-things!

No news is still news

No real hobby related progress this weekend. However, I did finalise and upload the second issue of The Campaigner. It is now waiting patiently for the 9th to roll around, and then it can launch. I am looking forward to seeing how this issue is received.

Movember: The Battle-tash Brigade

Movember is one of my favourite charities. Probably because it has its own style, and doesn’t ram its message down your throat. Men’s health is an important issue, and is sometimes overlooked in the mainstream. Which does seem rather odd, given that quite a large portion of the population are male.

This year I am, again, participating in Movember. However, I am inviting my wargame and hobby brethren to join in with me. I have started the team The Battle-tash Brigade which you can join when you register. At the moment it looks like the team is for Australians only. I am looking into if there is an option to make a team international. Otherwise, it may be that the Battle-tash Brigade will have to establish international chapters.

We wargamers and hobbyists are quite a large collection of people, but we don’t often enough band together and put our weight behind something positive. But it can start here.

Spread the word.

Dead avine in the hand

Figured I would kill two birds with one stone. A stone made of plastic, that was bought over the internet.

I wanted some new Minotaur models for my Warhammer Quest project. So I decided to give OzHammer a go and see what it is all about. Full breakdown of the experience once the models arrive, but so far very quick and easy.

Some of the decisions, and the problems that these create, in the Warhammer Quest project I will discuss another time.

The Campaigner Issue 1

See, I wasn’t making stuff up. Issue 1 of The Campaigner came out today. This inaugural issue can be bought from MagCloud, but is also available there as a free download. I am too good to you people.

So in the very least, get on there and read the free digital version. If you like it, buy a copy. There will be no markup on the first two issues, to keep it as cheap as possible. Making this an excellent time to get in and see what this publication is all about.

You can keep up to date with other developments on The Campaigner website.


Spent this weekend finishing off the first issue of The Campaigner. But we will talk about that another time.

A site was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago, and I have only just begun to follow it up. As usual, I am prompt and swift in my news!

Let me be completely transparent here. It was the site owner who alerted it to me. He is trying to get the word out about his site. Take that information however you will.

This site is called OzHammer, and it sports the catchy tagline “UK princes for All”. I’ll give you the elevator pitch version. Australians and New Zealanders can order Games Workshop merchandise from OzHammer at (or at least very close to) the UK pricing.

Sounds too good to be true?

Honestly, I don’t know at the moment.

The website explains the basics of how this can be achieved. So pop onto there and read up on this brave new world of e-commerce.

As I still possess a tiny shred of integrity, I can’t just champion OzHammer off the cuff. However, I do intend to order some items very soon, so I will keep you updated on this adventure.

In the meantime, at least check the site out and see what you think.

Down holes, digitally

I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this until now. Rodeo Games and Games Workshop are working together to bring Warhammer Quest to the iPad and iPhone. Neither of these are something I own, but an iPad is starting to look mighty attractive now.

For Warhammer Quest aficionados, notice how the new Warhammer Quest logo has had the bright cartoony blue darkened considerably? They really seem to be trying to lose the more humorous aspects of the game and make it a lot more dark and gritty.

I don’t necessarily mind this.

It comes out in 2013, so we have a little bit of a wait.


I am taking part in a Mini Swap over on The Under Empire Forum. My sender posted me out a Necron Flayed One, which is pretty cool. I haven’t ever painted a Necron before.

My sender has allowed me a little creative freedom, so I have decided to make a nice scenic display base for the model. This model isn’t going to go into an army, so it can be quite individual.

At the moment it looks a little like this.

Since we are here, don’t forget about The Campaigner. Work continues on the first issue, as well as on the foundations for Issue 2. While the issues are coming together quite well, more submissions are always appreciated. So if you have a thing for writing about this excellent hobby, and lets face it that is most of us, then you can do worse than giving writing for The Campaigner a go.

Next top model?

More in-depth explanation on The Campaigner website, but I met with a photographer yesterday and got the submissions for the Creative Challenge photographed. It was interesting to see the process of how he lit the different pieces, looked for interesting parts of them. Quite an experience.