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Soldiers, scenery and snipers

A day off work today, which is nice. I managed to slog my way through a couple of things that needed sorting out before I could continue with my regular projects.

As well as having a game against Brad the other day, I also picked up this from him. A selection of Empire and Dwarf models that he was getting rid of. Here we have quite a few Swordsmen, Helblaster Cannon, parts for the Grand Theogonist (of whatever he is called), some Huntsmen, some Hand Gunners, Greatswords, Knights, Miners, Gryocopter, a selection of characters, and a random clutch of Warhammer Quest bats. Oh, and a box of Pistoleers.

Not a bad little collection. Now all I have to do is figure out what I am doing with them.

The new Warhammer rules kind of dictate certain scenery being in your collection. Scenery that I do not currently possess.

This old Battle Masters tower that came in the box of odds and ends Brad gave me a couple of weeks ago is the first piece of new scenery on the list. Just gluing it together and sticking it to a base would be easy enough. But by now you should know I’m not into easy.

I actually want to add to it to make it fit in with my Skaven. At the moment I have a rough idea of what to do.

That being, using these bulkheads to build onto the tower somehow. The problem is, I don’t know exactly how. I’m tossing some options around, but any other thoughts are welcome.

Finally, I spent some more time on the Jezzails. They are inching their way to completion, with some flesh and wood highlights being the only major things left to do.

Things that slice, hit and shoot


Finished up painting the models I was currently working on today, finally. Between a visiting 10 year old, a birthday and work I am surprised I managed to slip a couple of hours in to finish these guys off.

So these two are the Stormvermin and Clanrat. I am very happy with the Stormvermin, he armour is looking really nice, the Badab Black wash has worked a treat. It really dulls the shine down and gives it a ‘less-than-new’ appearance. The green shoulder pad is working fairly well, though I think I might have to go over it with another layer of green again. Some of the metal highlighting has obliterated too much of it.

The Clanrat is looking pretty good, certainly a scheme that will be acceptable with multiple blocks of 25 or so on the board.  I’ll apply the clan colour of green to the command models, and probably a select few troopers. That should be enough to tie them into the clan.


Here we have the Jezzail. I am quite happy with this too. Rather than apply the clan green to the clothing I have painted the clan symbol in green onto the pavise.


Lastly we have the Plague Monks/Mechanics. Painted up they look really good. The prominent use of Rotting Flesh on the clothing, as well as the basic Plague Monk body, should help to easily identify these as Plague Monks. I was a little concerned initially that the Mechanics might end up looking too much like the rest of the army, and opponents would have trouble distinguishing the troops types apart. But I think this reinforces my concept and shows that making the troops easily recognisable for what they are will work.

Now these guys are painted I can spend some time working on the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader as well as the Clanrat Slave/Loader. I don’t think much has to be done to the Gnoblar to have him ready for service, but I am uncertain how long the Rat Ogre is going to take. To be honest, while I like the arcane-tech look, I am not very good at constructing it. Of all the troops reassignments, the Rat Ogres are the one I am mos concerned about. They are either going to look really awesome, or really out of place.

Time will tell.

You dirty rat


Spent some of today progressing the painting. Badab Black and Devlan Mud washes have been added, as has some sections of Tin Bitz. Then I have to paint the highlights and do another wash.

I like how the Rotting Flesh is working out, I’m glad I gave it a go.  The Stormvermin is also looking really good, I like how he is turning out.

Listened to Podhammer Episode 48 while I painted. I am a big fan of Podhammer, but the episodes are starting off a little slow lately. There is almost 30 minutes of useless, inane chatter that references obscure events and runs off of in-jokes. It’s disappointing to see that the podcast isn’t tightening up and becoming more punchy, but just blowing out and becoming more confusing.

Once they got to it, I liked the tournament talk. It’s good to hear what other players have been up to, and how they react to different situations in a tournament environment.

Hopefully I can get some more of the Skaven done this week, though I doubt that will happen. It is apparently going to be full on at work this week, and on top of this, we have Linda’s twelve year old nephew coming around for three days while he’s on school holidays. If I’m lucky, I might be able to slot some Warhammer in, but it seems unlikely.

Rotting Flesh, see a doctor


They don’t need me in today or tomorrow, so I can finally sit down and really make a dent in the painting that needs doing.  Here I have applied all the base colours, Bestial Brown, Chainmail and Khemri Brown. I am also trying Rotting Flesh on the top section of the robes. I think with the scheme I have used previously needs a little breaking up. I’m going to use Rotting Flesh as a base and hopefully produce something that complements the robe colour I have already been working on.

On the brown


Did the basecoat, plus a layer of Bestial Brown and some Elf Flesh segments today.

The horde grows.

Get out of the way!


Building the shield before the shield holder seemed like a good idea. Right now, I can’t tell you why it was a good idea. I just thought it was at the time.

I started out with a square of thin balsa wood. Onto this I stick some strips of plasticard to form a frame. Rather than go with the traditional triangular shape I have decided to go with this flat bottomed version. It just seems more likely that the Skaven would have a shield he can rest on the ground, thereby making it a lot stabler for the gunner to lean his gun on.



After the strips had been glued on I simply cut the balsa slightly away from the frame. And wouldn’t you know it, a shield! I have used the reverse end of a file to gouge some lines into the wood, to make it look like planks rather than one solid piece.


The Skaven holding the shield is just made from Clanrat parts. I used a man-at-arms hand instead of his original hand, though. The left arm also needs some filling at the shoulder.


And this is what they look like together. They aren’t glued to the base yet, as they still need a bit more detailing. But this is the basic overall design of the Jezzails. I’m not too sure if the gunner and the bearer are fighting or not, though. It looks a little like they are having trouble, getting in each other way. Possibly, though, the bearer is just helping the gunner lift his rifle. Who knows?