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Flayed One completed

I did a terribly poor job lighting this photo, but the Necron Flayed One is finished. Before I post it off I promise I will take another picture that doesn’t make the model look like it has metal skin draped over it.

Mean and green

Squeezed some actual hobby work in-between working on The Campaigner and building a path from our carport to the back veranda. That, though, is a totally other story.

I undercoated the Necron Flayed One a couple of days ago, and blasted through the painting today. It probably took two hours tops to paint the whole thing. It was probably slightly quicker than a normal miniature, because this is a single ‘character’ piece. So I could attempt some techniques that I normally wouldn’t do on miniatures that go into an army, since I didn’t have to try to replicate them across multiple pieces.

For this one I decided to explore painting the whole thing ‘wet’. So basically, not waiting for the whole thing to dry before I add extra layers or colours, which let me blend some of the sections. I don’t want to give too much away, as to how the miniature looks. It is supposed to be a surprise for the recipient. But I feel this little technique experiment worked really well on the flayed skin sections. Especially when I added some thin green glazes to the flesh and base, to give it this kind of swampy, slimy feel.

I will show you the base, though. My love affair with water effects continues on this miniature. A thin layer of water effects mixed with Snot Green was added to the base, with a layer of regular water effects that followed roughly twenty minutes afterwards. I also brushed a thin layer of the Snot Green water effects over the legs and feet of the model. Once this layer of water effects dries, it may get one more coat of a Snot Green water effects mix.

As well as this I have been working on another project too. This one is not related to Warhammer at all.

I bought this plastic model of The Hulk a three or four years ago, but never got around to doing anything with it. Until now. I have cleaned up the pieces so far and glued them together. Then I have used greenstuff to fill the gaps and create a smooth transition between the different sections.

He comes with a fully moulded base, but I am going to mount him to an old trophy stand instead. It will make a nice little character piece.


I am taking part in a Mini Swap over on The Under Empire Forum. My sender posted me out a Necron Flayed One, which is pretty cool. I haven’t ever painted a Necron before.

My sender has allowed me a little creative freedom, so I have decided to make a nice scenic display base for the model. This model isn’t going to go into an army, so it can be quite individual.

At the moment it looks a little like this.

Since we are here, don’t forget about The Campaigner. Work continues on the first issue, as well as on the foundations for Issue 2. While the issues are coming together quite well, more submissions are always appreciated. So if you have a thing for writing about this excellent hobby, and lets face it that is most of us, then you can do worse than giving writing for The Campaigner a go.

Borrowed ideas

Do you remember that episode of South Park, where Mr Garrison invents that vehicle so he doesn’t have to deal with the airline companies? That one where it goes in his mouth and up his butt?

Apparently so does someone at Games Workshop.