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Time for the rats to leave their mothers

…and by mothers I mean the painting table.

I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out and I have learnt a lot about quick painting techniques along the way. It’s just a pity that so much got in between me and getting the little furries finished off. Well they aren’t completely finished… I haven’t got around to the bases yet, mainly because I have absolutely no basing materials yet. I intend to paint a few more things and then organise basing everything in one big group.

I definitely like the ones that I initially painted in darker colours better. The ones I did with the lighter cloth turned out having less depth, so I’ll definitely have to build up from black or something next time.

What’s next on the table? I’m not sure at the moment, but I am feeling the pull to get back into Warmachine / Hordes. There aren’t too many FB players left over here at the moment and WM/H wins over 40K for me. Maybe I’ll be back to post my reasons soon.

Anyway, on to the pictures:



About that time of year…

Well, it has been 6 months between blog posts for me, so it is a good thing that Matt is running this show and keeping everyone entertained.

It was a difficult 6 months, but now most of the trouble causing issues are finally to rest. For example, I may now call myself Dr. Brad.

Anyway, back to the title of the post. In the Northern Hemisphere Winter is fast approaching and bringing along Christmas with it. Now, I am not entirely sure what it is about this time of year, but it always spurred me to work on my wargaming hobby more. This was also the case in Australia and I assume it proceeded in this manner due to the long Summer school and university holidays I always had. Of course, painting through the Summer in Australia can be extremely annoying as the paint would often dry on the brush before it got near the miniature! Any of you find that your hobby interest waxes and wanes with the seasons?

The other subject I would like to address in this returning post is the attitude of people within the hobby and particularly on message boards dedicated to it. It is so amazing how juvenile people can be when discussing things like rules, background and even the GW release schedule. I have seen people post that GW must hate X or Y army due to it ‘getting bumped down’ the release schedule. The only topic people seem to be able to discuss without behaving like children is painting and modeling. As someone who has been on the outer of the hobby for some time now, such attitudes have presented a barrier to re-entry. Now I know that a lot of wargamers are very nice and reasonable people and one should not judge a community by its online presence, but if I were to compare to board game forums or even guitar forums, then the wargaming community is way behind. For those whose only exposure to the community are GW stores and online forums, then what sort of pervasive attitude are we expecting them to develop?

Some small progress

Well the blog has been quiet for a while so I thought I would drop in and show the progress I’ve made over the past week painting the Clanrats. I wasn’t quite able to get the skin tones finished on the lot, but a good two-thirds are now only waiting for the final white extreme highlight. Here are a couple example shots.

However, that is not the only thing I have been working on recently in terms of Warhammer. I have also been busy writing an article on the thought process I went through when planning my Skaven army for the next issue of the Skavenblight Gazette. My spies tell me that the issue should hit the internet soon, so please check it out and tell me what you think.

Oh and my closing thought; that’s not a troll, this is a troll!

They’re multiplying

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened in the meantime in real life. This blog is about wargaming happenings though, so I’ll stick to that.

My progress since the last post amounts to this:

First box of clanrats built

Please excuse the photo, it’s late and I don’t have a proper camera setup here yet.

Not much progress, but I’m happy with the fact I can get on with a bit of painting now.

I thought I would talk a bit about how I am going to tackle painting the regiment. With my previous painting projects I have always undercoated with white or black sprays prior to painting. For the test models I simply brushed on Fenris grey as the first layer and found that it covered very well and was easy to cover with the white flesh colours. So the plan is to pick three or four different foundation paints to use as the base layer and vary up the tunic colours amongst the unit. The skin colour and metal will remain consistent to tie the unit together.

Hopefully I’ll have something to show within the week in regards to painting. Til next time.

That’s how to skin a rat

Back again already! I wouldn’t get used to updates this frequently…

Like I mentioned in my first post I have been looking to come up with a paint scheme for my new Skaven army that is a bit out of the ordinary. For me the paint scheme is primarily defined by the skin and fur colours used with the clothing and armour more of a secondary consideration. The image of a brown Skaven is what comes to my mind as a typical example of the army and this steered me more toward grey colours.
I also wanted to stick as much as I could to foundation paints and washes to keep things simple and prevent me from having to build up a huge paint collection. Furthermore, I was not enamoured with mixing paints for the base colour and so looked to start with a flat colour.

My first idea was a clan that had been underground for a long time and had begun to lose the colour from their hides, akin to the weird and wonderful animals scientists occasionally find in long sealed caves.

Basically: White base coat, 1:1 Devlan mud/ water wash all over, Baal red wash on the skin areas, 1:3 Menoth white base/ Morrow white (P3) on all the raised areas, pure white for extreme highlights.
I like the result, but it looked a little too healthy for me.

Next was an idea that I had talked over with Matt previously, doing a scheme where the fur was a lighter grey than the skin.

Fenris grey for the skin, 1:1 Astronomicon grey/ Fenris grey for the fur, 1:1 Badab black / water wash, 1:1 Astronomicon grey/ Fenris grey for the raised areas of skin, Astr. grey for extreme highlights on skin, 1:1 Astr. grey/ white for highlights on fur.
It came out okay in my opinion, but also took a lot longer than the first test model, while also being not as interesting on the tabletop.

Third was similar, but darker. I wanted more of a charcoal look, but since I was using Fenris grey as a base it turned out too blue and way off the mark from what I was thinking.

Basically the same as number 2 with black added into the initial mixes.
Not happy with this one. If I had a dark grey that was less blue it could have worked. Maybe also from a dark brown base.

The last test came from the results of the first. I tried to keep things very similar, but more pallid.

Same as #1 but I replaced the red wash with a Leviathan purple wash and the subsequent skin tone with 1:3 Astronomicon grey/ Morrow white.
I think I like this one the best, but going with a 2:2 mix to more easily see the final white extreme highlights might be a little better. Also, the fur areas stand out a bit funny as I didn’t wash them purple like I did the skin.

So there you go. I am leaning toward scheme #4, but I am keen to here some feedback first while I build up the remaining clanrats. Sorry about the relatively bad photos but I wanted to get them done today in the half-light that was available rather than wait until the weekend when I’ll have too much to do.

Cheers for reading.

G’day, Servus, etc.

I was originally going to include this post with a soon to be following one that showed a few test minis, but soon came to the realisation that it would end up being quite the long and winding blog post.

Anyway, enough of that, let me introduce myself. The name is Brad, the one and the same that Matt occasionally references (and abuses) in some of the blog posts here. I’ve known Matt for a long time now and we seem to be good mates, discuss and play Warhammer against each other amongst other activities. So what am I doing writing on Matt’s blog then? Well after having a hiatus from Warhammer due to 8th edition, writing a PhD thesis and moving overseas I am starting to get back into it with the most devious of races, the Skaven.

Given that Matt is a total ratman fanatic and that my hobby time is far too limited to run an interesting blog of my own we decided that it would be most excellent if I could post my experiences on an irregular basis.

I’m not one for long an rambling posts, so I’ll leave the introduction there. When I return it will be with some pictures of the test miniatures that I am working on, where I attempt to do something a little different than the ‘standard’ Skaven colour scheme.

’til next time.