Basic instincts

In lieu of actual progress on any of my projects, I decided to experiment a little. Sometimes it is good to just muck about and see what happens.

At my disposal, currently, I have three malleable substances that can be sculpted. Greenstuff, Milliput, and to the limited degree that it can be manipulated, some wood filler. I know Greenstuff is quite versatile, so I decided to try using the Milliput and the wood filler to sculpt paved bases that looked much like the ones I bought from Back to Bas-ix.


There isn’t really much of a process to document here, only results. I grabbed a wad of each medium and crammed it into a standard base you might find with a Warmachine miniature. Then I used my sculpting tools to put in the gaps, as well as a couple of cracks and chips. On the very left we have a Back to Bas-ix version, for reference. In the middle is the wood filler, and on the right is the Milliput.


Once dried I painted them both, to see what the end result was. On the left we have the wood filler, and on the right the Milliput. Generally they both look pretty good.

The wood filler does an admirable job, especially when you consider this is not what it is intended for. However, when dried wood filler is quite delicate, at least compared to other substances. Though I feel that once there was a miniature on it, the likelihood of damage to the wood filler area is highly unlikely. I also don’t think the wood filler would hold tiny details very well. As it is, the cracks I sculpted in do not look very convincing. One perk of the wood filler, though, was that I could sand the dried piece down to make the top quite flat.

As for the Milliput, it also does a good job. As it is I sculpted the channels in at the same time as I mixed the Milliput together and put it into the base. If I had left it an hour or two and allowed it to become a bit firmer, I think I would have been able to add some finer extra details. I could also sandpaper the Milliput, though not with as much success as the wood filler.

This might sounds weird, I am sure that you are used to seeing comparisons and then being given directions as to what it means. But I just don’t know what this means at all. Like I said, it was an experiment, and this is the result. It does add some options to my hobby arsenal, but it doesn’t provide some shocking revelation that will drastically change how I do anything. However, this is a good example of how new techniques and personal styles are born, with experiments like this.

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