Retrospective: Blithe Island

Been finishing off Issue 3 of The Campaigner, so haven’t had much hobby time. However, while looking through my archives, I stumbled across something I had almost forgotten about.

Back in 2001 myself and some friends played a very brief Warhammer campaign. From memory, there was a series of articles in White Dwarf that talked about a studio campaign that they held, set on an island. Of course, we decided to run a campaign too, and equally of course, it was set on an island. Okay, so we weren’t entirely original back them.


This was the map of the island, called Blithe Island (for reasons I cannot recall or fathom). There were six of us playing, though I believe that ‘Dave’ never ended up playing a game.


The end of the first turn sees a few additional features added to the map. Where we could, we tried to connect existing locations together, like putting villages on a road or a bridge over a river.


The end of the second turn see’s James and Jarryd finally choose army names.  Also, I like the idea that there was a settlement of wizards here at some point. Imagine a bustling village you see in any fantasy setting, but inhabited entirely by cloaked and bearded old men.


End of turn three, and as far into the campaign as we got. It should be noted now, I was playing as Clan Vestren, and could apparently only generate towns.

There we have it, a three turn campaign. Not the shortest campaign we ever ran, though also not the longest. I think this falls into the middle point.

I also uncovered some other equally as embarrassing old material that I will post up at some point.

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3 responses to “Retrospective: Blithe Island”

  1. Jarryd says :

    I dont even recall this campaign! I think the only thing i remember was laughing hysterically at you rolling towns all the time.

    Who was Dave?

  2. Jarryd says :

    Also it may have taken a while but my army name was certainly the coolest. The question is what race was i playing? Sounds elvish

  3. matt says :

    The James in this I believe refers to Ziggy, so Dave would have been Ziggy’s mate, uh, Dave. He played a couple of my Warhammer Quest campaigns, but I don’t think you were in those.

    Also, I think you were Chaos, for some reason. I remember later, in the Callow Kingdoms campaign I think, you played as High Elves and then switched to Tomb Kings. I believe this is the first time you played as the High Elves, so you couldn’t have been the elves in this campaign.

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