Welcome to the Year of the Skaven

A new year is upon us. 2013, which I think should unofficially be known as the Year of the Skaven. Just because.

WordPress alerted me to the fact that this is my fourth anniversary. Four years of Inane Courage. I look forward to cataloguing another four years of miniature wargame goings on, as well as continue to be met with indifferent silence. Thank you invisible and silent readers. Your patronage has not gone unnoticed!

Usually around this time I do a little breakdown of the last year. I will look at what posts were popular, fling up some stats and graphs, that kind of thing. But this year WordPress has done it all for me by compiling an Annual Report. So if numbers and market information is your thing check it out, and see that everyone still comes to Inane Courage for their Forgotten Realms and Twilight Saga info.

Happy New Year of the Skaven man-things!



About matt

Freelance Graphic Designer, thinker, and Warhammer tragic.

2 responses to “Welcome to the Year of the Skaven”

  1. Randroid says :

    Finally! A year for the rat men. Perhaps this will be the year I start and finish a Skaven or Underworld Blood Bowl team!?

  2. matt says :

    A worthy goal. May assassins not be sent to maim you before it can be achieved.

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