Giant Bats in my hair!

Not much to tell. I have painted the Giant Bats. As has probably become apparent, I have this bee in my bonnet about painting things ‘realistically’, which actually seems to mean, variations on brown. I just can’t help myself. So I decided to try to introduce a bit if subtle colour the things like the Giant Bats, as well as the Giant Rats when I do them.

After painting, washing and highlighting the skin inside the wings I applied a thin purple glaze to them. I also painted the inside of the mouths the same purple. The end result is quite understated, but I like it.

There you go, I guess there actually was much to tell.


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Freelance Graphic Designer, thinker, and Warhammer tragic.

One response to “Giant Bats in my hair!”

  1. Bruce says :

    Nice work on the basing, especially the barrels!

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