About that time of year…

Well, it has been 6 months between blog posts for me, so it is a good thing that Matt is running this show and keeping everyone entertained.

It was a difficult 6 months, but now most of the trouble causing issues are finally to rest. For example, I may now call myself Dr. Brad.

Anyway, back to the title of the post. In the Northern Hemisphere Winter is fast approaching and bringing along Christmas with it. Now, I am not entirely sure what it is about this time of year, but it always spurred me to work on my wargaming hobby more. This was also the case in Australia and I assume it proceeded in this manner due to the long Summer school and university holidays I always had. Of course, painting through the Summer in Australia can be extremely annoying as the paint would often dry on the brush before it got near the miniature! Any of you find that your hobby interest waxes and wanes with the seasons?

The other subject I would like to address in this returning post is the attitude of people within the hobby and particularly on message boards dedicated to it. It is so amazing how juvenile people can be when discussing things like rules, background and even the GW release schedule. I have seen people post that GW must hate X or Y army due to it ‘getting bumped down’ the release schedule. The only topic people seem to be able to discuss without behaving like children is painting and modeling. As someone who has been on the outer of the hobby for some time now, such attitudes have presented a barrier to re-entry. Now I know that a lot of wargamers are very nice and reasonable people and one should not judge a community by its online presence, but if I were to compare to board game forums or even guitar forums, then the wargaming community is way behind. For those whose only exposure to the community are GW stores and online forums, then what sort of pervasive attitude are we expecting them to develop?


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