Round all the bases

Dug my way through Brad’s Orc and Goblin stuff (with his blessing) and pulled out six spearmen and six archers for my Warhammer Quest goblins.

Onto the basing issue. I have been thinking, and I like the idea of trying out the 30mm round bases. So I tried a few models on them to see how they look.

The goblins look okay on the 30mm round.

I haven’t completely decided what Skaven models I will be using. Certainly, I have a lot of Plague Monk bodies in surplus, so it seems likely that I will utilise these. Just to be certain, I tried both an older plastic Plague Monk as well as a newer Clanrat. Again, they both look good on the 30mm round.

Orcs, too, fit nicely onto the base.

The Minotaur, and I am assuming a lot of other large monsters, won’t fit onto a 30mm round very well. However, the 40mm round is just the right size to comfortably allow 30mm bases to sit in adjacent squares when placed onto a Warhammer Quest tile. So I am thinking this will be the way to go with larger monsters, if I decided to add any more.

Of all the models, this will most likely be the problem child. The Minotaur has quite a wide stance, meaning it will overhang any base under 40mm square. However the 40mm round seems to accommodate the model just enough.

As you can see, roughly half of each foot contact the base. This should be enough to attach it using a couple of pins.

If I go with this size that give me two choices from Back 2 Base-ix. Either the Dungeon Stone resin bases or the Random Tile resin bases. I need to be careful choosing the right one, as I need 88 of the 30mm and three of the 40mm. This will cover all the monsters, plus four Adventurers. This would come to somewhere around $69.50, so I want to be sure that I am happy with the design I choose.


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