Base instincts

I have been thinking about how I am going to base my Warhammer Quest miniatures these past few days. As of yet I haven’t made a decision about what I am going to do, but I have begun to process some of the finer details.

This is a standard Warhammer Quest cardboard corridor tile. These are the smallest six standard Games Workshop square bases. From left to right we have:

  1. 20mm square small infantry base (eg Goblins, Skaven)
  2. 25mm square large infantry base (eg Orcs, Chaos Warriors)
  3. 25mm x 50mm rectangle Cavalry base
  4. 40mm square Monster base
  5. 50mm square ‘Monsterous’ base (eg Island of Blood Griffon)

Since I am constructing a set of miniatures to use with Warhammer Quest specifically, I have no problems with exploring totally different base shapes. These are just some of the addition bases I have tucked away.

This is a selection of round bases I have, from both Games Workshop and Privateer Press. From left to right there is:

  1. 25mm circle standard Warhammer 40k base (eg Space Marines)
  2. 30mm circle standard Warmachine recessed base (eg Cryx Bile Thrall)
  3. 40mm circle mid-size Warhammer 40k base (eg Terminators)
  4. 40mm circle mid-size Warmachine recessed base (eg Cryx Deathripper)

Ultimately I would like to be able to have all the models based with some kind of stone floor design that is complimentary to the Warhammer Quest tile sections. At the moment I have two real options.

One is sculpting my own bases. I am comfortable with doing this on a skill level, but am not really looking forward to sculpting over 30 of them.

The other option is purchasing cast bases, like these from Back 2 Base-ix.

So before I can resolve how I want the bases to look, I have to decide on a basic size and shape I am working too. From the base examples above, I really don’t want to go with anything larger than the 30mm circle. Anything larger than this doesn’t fit into the game squares.

I also have to figure out if I want to base all my miniatures on the same size (eg goblins, skaven, orcs and minotaurs on 25mm), or vary the sizes according to the miniature itself (eg goblins on 20mm and orcs on 25mm). I will do some tests of a selection of the various miniatures on the 20mm, 25mm and 30mm to see what happens.

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