On a quest

I am working on an article for The Campaigner, which will require me to break out the old Warhammer Quest and take it through its paces again. This seemed like a good excuse to lay the monster cards out and see what models I do and do not have.

Giant Spiders might be hard to find, but I certainly have a lot of Giant Rats floating about on the various Skaven sprues I own. I can also only find two Minotaurs.

I have twelve Snotlings, but they are all glued to two monster bases. I also dug out six Night Goblin spearmen from the Battle For Skull Pass box, and am still looking for six archers.

All the miniatures from Lair of the Orc Lord are still in my possession. Plus I dug out three fanatics.

I seem to have the miniatures for the rest of the Lair of the Orc Lord cards, except for the Clubbers and Netters. I have a couple of them, but need to find two more of each.

I am fairly sure I still have Van Damneg around somewhere. He was far too impressive to get rid of. I also need to find where I stashed my third Tomb Guardian.

Undead models is where I am sorely lacking. In a pinch I could mount a rider on one of the Vampire Counts Fell Bats I have to make a Carrion.

So my next project is going to be collecting together, assembling and painting enough models to run a standard game of Warhammer Quest.


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