Mean and green

Squeezed some actual hobby work in-between working on The Campaigner and building a path from our carport to the back veranda. That, though, is a totally other story.

I undercoated the Necron Flayed One a couple of days ago, and blasted through the painting today. It probably took two hours tops to paint the whole thing. It was probably slightly quicker than a normal miniature, because this is a single ‘character’ piece. So I could attempt some techniques that I normally wouldn’t do on miniatures that go into an army, since I didn’t have to try to replicate them across multiple pieces.

For this one I decided to explore painting the whole thing ‘wet’. So basically, not waiting for the whole thing to dry before I add extra layers or colours, which let me blend some of the sections. I don’t want to give too much away, as to how the miniature looks. It is supposed to be a surprise for the recipient. But I feel this little technique experiment worked really well on the flayed skin sections. Especially when I added some thin green glazes to the flesh and base, to give it this kind of swampy, slimy feel.

I will show you the base, though. My love affair with water effects continues on this miniature. A thin layer of water effects mixed with Snot Green was added to the base, with a layer of regular water effects that followed roughly twenty minutes afterwards. I also brushed a thin layer of the Snot Green water effects over the legs and feet of the model. Once this layer of water effects dries, it may get one more coat of a Snot Green water effects mix.

As well as this I have been working on another project too. This one is not related to Warhammer at all.

I bought this plastic model of The Hulk a three or four years ago, but never got around to doing anything with it. Until now. I have cleaned up the pieces so far and glued them together. Then I have used greenstuff to fill the gaps and create a smooth transition between the different sections.

He comes with a fully moulded base, but I am going to mount him to an old trophy stand instead. It will make a nice little character piece.


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