Cling wrap and cardboard

Regular access to the internet is re-established. The four days without the internet were both relaxing and very stressful. Quite the dichotomy!

I started adding water effects to the diorama. Because the section that I was making water didn’t have any sides, I needed a way to keep it in. My solution was to take three pieces of card and tape them together, so that they could hinge around a section of the diorama. I then attached a strip of cling wrap (plastic wrap) to one side, with some hanging off each end.

These extra bits I used to pull it tight and tape it together. Then, I poured in 3-4mm of water effects and have left it to set. My main concern is that I haven’t tightened it enough and all the water effects just leaks out the bottom. I am hoping that if any does leak, I can either easily pull the excess off, or even sand it down.

Once I have added a few more layers and it has completely set I will pull the outer off, and we will see how it turns out.



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