My own worse enemy

That is myself, by the way. I am my own worse enemy.

Been trying to push through some progress on The Campaigner. Spent almost ten hours on the new website. It runs on a WordPress base, so most of the time involved me poking at attributes in the code and refreshing the page to see what happened. Over time the website I wanted took shape, but I soon realise that I had installed WordPress in the wrong directory.

Now, a sensible and sane person would look up how to push WordPress back a directory. Such a search would immediately yield an explanation that was simple, straightforward and what I can only assume, foolproof. Unfortunately I didn’t do that, and just hard-uploaded the whole thing again one directory above where it was.

Needless to say, that didn’t work. On top of that, it obliterated what was there and working in the process. I spent an hour trying to bodge some kind of fix, but in the end decided admitting defeat would be more productive. All the files were deleted, and I submitted a new WordPress install order with the host. I do have the custom theme I created, so I should be able to upload that again and only have to tweak a few extra things.

I  have no idea if there is a moral to this story. There probably is somewhere, but I am way too jaded to notice anymore.


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