That’s how to skin a rat

Back again already! I wouldn’t get used to updates this frequently…

Like I mentioned in my first post I have been looking to come up with a paint scheme for my new Skaven army that is a bit out of the ordinary. For me the paint scheme is primarily defined by the skin and fur colours used with the clothing and armour more of a secondary consideration. The image of a brown Skaven is what comes to my mind as a typical example of the army and this steered me more toward grey colours.
I also wanted to stick as much as I could to foundation paints and washes to keep things simple and prevent me from having to build up a huge paint collection. Furthermore, I was not enamoured with mixing paints for the base colour and so looked to start with a flat colour.

My first idea was a clan that had been underground for a long time and had begun to lose the colour from their hides, akin to the weird and wonderful animals scientists occasionally find in long sealed caves.

Basically: White base coat, 1:1 Devlan mud/ water wash all over, Baal red wash on the skin areas, 1:3 Menoth white base/ Morrow white (P3) on all the raised areas, pure white for extreme highlights.
I like the result, but it looked a little too healthy for me.

Next was an idea that I had talked over with Matt previously, doing a scheme where the fur was a lighter grey than the skin.

Fenris grey for the skin, 1:1 Astronomicon grey/ Fenris grey for the fur, 1:1 Badab black / water wash, 1:1 Astronomicon grey/ Fenris grey for the raised areas of skin, Astr. grey for extreme highlights on skin, 1:1 Astr. grey/ white for highlights on fur.
It came out okay in my opinion, but also took a lot longer than the first test model, while also being not as interesting on the tabletop.

Third was similar, but darker. I wanted more of a charcoal look, but since I was using Fenris grey as a base it turned out too blue and way off the mark from what I was thinking.

Basically the same as number 2 with black added into the initial mixes.
Not happy with this one. If I had a dark grey that was less blue it could have worked. Maybe also from a dark brown base.

The last test came from the results of the first. I tried to keep things very similar, but more pallid.

Same as #1 but I replaced the red wash with a Leviathan purple wash and the subsequent skin tone with 1:3 Astronomicon grey/ Morrow white.
I think I like this one the best, but going with a 2:2 mix to more easily see the final white extreme highlights might be a little better. Also, the fur areas stand out a bit funny as I didn’t wash them purple like I did the skin.

So there you go. I am leaning toward scheme #4, but I am keen to here some feedback first while I build up the remaining clanrats. Sorry about the relatively bad photos but I wanted to get them done today in the half-light that was available rather than wait until the weekend when I’ll have too much to do.

Cheers for reading.


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4 responses to “That’s how to skin a rat”

  1. argentbadger says :

    I really like the first and last ones. Though the idea of rats spending too long underground to retain pigment seems a bit odd…

  2. Brad says :

    Well of course I didn’t mean the individual rats, but the clan as a whole. Over time animal species evolve to better fit their habitats and in lightless environments tend to go blind and become white in colour. Of course the time scales in the Warhammer world are nowhere near long enough for this to have occurred (iirc), but it is perhaps a better excuse than ‘a grey seer did it’ 😛

    Thanks for your comment on the colour schemes, I will almost certainly choose one of those two.

  3. Dave says :

    I like the first one, it’s almost albino like which is pretty cool – would possibly help if you showed combined with some of the tunic colour schemes as well?

  4. Brad says :

    Cheers Dave, I am pretty sure that I will go with scheme #1 now.
    The tunic schemes I was just going to make up as I went along to help make things look a little more chaotic. Though if I go with a light skin tone, then dark clothing colours will be the order of the day.

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